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Cusco is one of the most visited cities in Peru; because of its historic attractions, ancient culture, archeology, folklore, art and natural and cultural heritage of the Incas, Cusco is, without doubt, the most visited tourist destinations in Peru and one of the most in the world. Cusco or Qosqo in Quechua, is called the “archaeological capital of America” and was considered by UNESCO as “historical heritage of humanity” because history alive in every one of its streets and monumental architectural buildings.

Location: south east of Peru
Latitude: 13 ° 30 ’45 ”
Longitude: 71 ° 58 ’33 “5 hours after the meridian of Greenwich.
Population: 367.800 inhabitants
Extension: Departmental: 76.329 km ² Urban: 617 km ²
Altitude: 3365 meters above sea level.

The annual average in the city is between 10.3 ° to 11.3 ° Celsius (50.54 ° to 52.34 ° Fahrenheit). During the month of June, the month with the highest intensity of cold in Cusco, the temperature can drop to 0 ° C, although the average is 5 ° C and 7 ° C (23 ° F and 19.4 ° F)
From April to October is the dry season and from November to March is the wet season with cold and rainy.
Types of weather in Cusco
Getting to Cusco

By Bus
Land access to Cusco is by three different ways:
– Lima – Arequipa – Juliaca – Cusco.
– Lima – Nazca – Puquio – Chalhuanca – Abancay – Cusco.
– Lima – Huancayo – Ayacucho – Abancay – Cusco.
Bus companies

Cruz del Sur: Departs from Lima to Cusco, Arequipa to Cusco and Puno to Cusco.
It has daily departures, Bring a good service on route, with comfortable seats.
Oltursa: departs from Lima to Cusco and Arequipa to Cusco, it has 1 daily departure. Bring a good service on route, with comfortable seats.
Ormeño: Departs from Lima to Cusco it takes around 20hrs – Distance: 1500 Km
Inka Express: For people, who are in Puno this bus company travel to Cusco, takes around 10 hrs and give a good service on route. It has daily departs.
Includes: Tourist transport, buffet lunch, guided tours in Andahuaylillas, Raqchi and Pukara
By Plane
The city of Cusco has an airport called Velasco Astete International Airport, offering regular domestic and international flights and that it be a meeting point for visitors from various parts of the country and the world. Flights arrive daily from Lima, Juliaca, Arequipa, Puerto Maldonado, La Paz-Bolivia, the airport has service taxis and buses.
Flights frequency

By Train
The Southern Railway is widely used by locals and tourists, it connects Cusco Arequipa and Puno. In addition, there are trains to Machu Picchu every day and priced for all budgets: there are about 4 lessons for different travel options. The Southern Railway is widely used by locals and tourists; it connects Cusco Arequipa and Puno. More Information By Train >>>
Train Schedule

Cusco distance:
The distances between Cusco and some other departments of our country:
– Cusco to Lima (Capital City): 1.153 km.
– Cusco to Ayacucho: 597 km.
– Abancay Cusco: 198 km.
– Cusco to Arequipa: 623 km.
– Cusco to Puno: 389 miles.
– From Puerto Maldonado (Tambopata): 530 km (331.25 miles)
Main Tourist Attractions
Cusco has many tourist attractions; this is the reason that every day comes to Cusco many tourists from around the world to see and learn more about the Incas culture.

Saqsaywaman Fortres
Coricancha(Temple of the Sun)
Puca Pucara 
Pisaq citadel 
Pisaq market
Maras Salt
Aguas Calientes
Machu Picchu 
Museums In Cusco
Churches In Cusco
Tours in Cusco

Cusco Tips & Useful Information

– We recommend to not drink water from the tube, it is better to buy a bottle of water to avoid while traveling to Cuzco to prevent contracting any harmful parasites or water-borne illnesses. Also you have to be sure to travel with water purification tablets or boil water for 15 minutes to eliminate any harmful bacteria.
– We suggest to bring lemon candies, or drink coca leaf tea, to avoid the high sickness (Soroche).
Security and Safe

– Cusco is a relatively safe city. But, you should always use common sense and keep aware of your surroundings, especially late at night.
-Don’t travel alone at night, don’t carry large amounts of cash or exterior signs of wealth and avoid areas that are known for being known as unsafe.
-If you have to take a taxi on the street, be sure to get on a yellow cab
If you get a taxi at a hotel, you will pay a hire fare for the ride but you will be absolutely safe and the car will be in much better shape.
Never allow for another passenger to get in the taxi with you and always agree on the fare before you board the taxi.
Money Exchange
In Cusco there are money exchange offices, where you can change dollars in Nuevos Soles Peruvian currency. Those offices are located near the main square.
Cambios Uno
Address: Av. El Sol 344 (Sótano Centro
Cusco E.I.R.L.
Address: Portal Comercio 177
Lac Dólar
Address: Av. El Sol 150
Mega Express
Address: Calle Ramón Zavaleta 126-B
Money Travelers
Address: Av. El Sol 166
Address: Av. El Sol 314
Super Cambio
Address: Av. El Sol 172 Int. 1

Cusco is a city that has many stores, Which offer crafts, textiles, ceramics and souvenirs, you can compare for a souvenir of your trip to Cusco.
Shopping Cusco City
Shopping Sacred Valley
For the trip

– Bring Light clothes for the morning, sunscreen, hats, and warm jackets for the night, ponchos or waterproof jackets.
– For tips, if you feel you have received good service with guides, transportation, hotel staff, waiters, encouraging them to follow each day to provide a better service could give you a tip. The amount is related to the quality of service you received. 10% is appropriate and welcome.
– Credit cards as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club are widely accepted. In some places, such as craft shops and small businesses, when you pay by credit card, it is possible that this individual minimum amount or a surcharge of between 5% and 8% due to bank charges.
– May achieve better discounts if offers to pay in cash.
-Checks for travelers, you have to change them at banks or authorized exchange houses, is subject to a commission of approximately 2%, you will need your passport to make this change.
Electrical Outlets
the voltage used in Peru is 220V. Many electrical appliances are 110V voltage. Make sure the device you will use is “dual” or having an appropriate converter.
The plug is normally used:220V 60Hz

Cusco festivities
Cusco celebrates hundreds of festivals. Most of them in honor of a saint and are part of the Christian calendar, although they have blended with the magical beliefs of ancient forms of worship. The celebration of Easter, Carnival, Corpus Christi and the feast of the “Lord of the Earthquakes’ those celebrations becomes a folk expression of their people.
The ultimate expression of folklore of the people of Cusco is given in the Inti Raymi on June 24th. More information >>>>


Cusco is well known for its artistic expressions as dances; The main dances in Cusco that we can mention are the “Kachampa” of Inca origin, the “Sijlla” (or dance of the doctors) of Spanish influence, the dance of the “Chunchos”, the
“Pusamorenos”, the “Llameros” and the “Camiles” among many others. Highlights include the dance of the Chunchos, the Qollas, Carnival Cusqueño, the Dance of the Doctorcitos, the Dance of the Negritos, the Quadrille, the Saqra K’achampa, among others.
Cusco has a variety of craft supply, such textiles, pictures, ceramics, silver jewelry with andean figures, sizes, among other objects. One of the Most Important For Their traditional craftsmanship is San Blas, where ‘you can visit the workshops of Mendivil, Edilberto Mérida, Antonio Olave and Gregorio Bejar. The richness and variety of images covers Kings, Virgin Childs, Archangels, among other
many pieces.
Cusco is one of the best cuisines in the Peruvian Andes, most of the dishes is prevailing the potato (potato) and corn. The potato is from Peru, the current production have a variety of over 3,000 types. It also highlights in Peru several varieties of coffee, which have achieved worldwide gourmet category in Cusco Quillabamba coffee stands. More Information >>>
Cusco has a variety cuisine, with delicious dishes, drinks and deserts, that you can taste in the most representative restaurants there. We give you an extensive list with the most recommended restaurants by tourists.

Restaurants in Cusco city
Restaurants in Sacred Valley
Restaurants in Machu Picchu and Aguas Calientes
Nightlife in Cusco
For people who want to dance and have fun, there are many bars and disco in Cusco where people can dance Latin music, pop and Rock music and expend a great time with friends; most clubs are located at the main square. More information >>>

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