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At the following list there is selection of restaurants recommended by the travelers Mojsa Restaurant Cuisine: Peruvian food Offers: Great variety of the best Peruvian dishes, Pizzas, Desserts. Address: Jr. Lima Nº 635 (2nd floor), Puno Alma Restaurant Cuisine: Peruvian food Offers: A cozy and elegant atmosphere, with a beautiful view of the lake, where you can watch the sunset […]

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The Sillustani Island is about of 34 km from Puno, on the shores of Lake Umayosea, is a pre-Inca cemetery where you can see a series of impressive tombs belonging to the Kolla culture that developed in the northern part of the lagoon, in Hatuncolla locally. The archaeological site is known for its giant “chullpas”, […]

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Uros Island The floating island of Uros is one of the most unique attractions of world tourism. It is built in artificial way made by totora, a plant of thin leaves that grows in the lake. This material is also used in the manufacture of all crafts and boats which its inhabitants use to go […]

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This is built of wood and colonial style. Balcony of the Conde de Lemos is named in allusion to the viceroy of the same name, upon arrival in Puno in 1668 he stayed in this house; he was considered one of the highest authorities of the high plateau. It is said that the Viceroy would […]

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The San Juan Church is located in Pune Park, near the main square. More than 200 years ago was a simple chapel of the natives, built of adobe. Inside the altar is the venerated image of Our Lady of Candelaria, patron of Puno, whose feast is celebrated every February 2nd with native dances, folklor festival […]

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The Cathedral of Puno holds the rank of Minor Basilica, its construction dates from the eighteenth century and was completed on 25 May 175, in the old Supay Kancha. Worked in stone by the Peruvian Simon de Asto, whose name is on the main front. This monument is representation of the mixed style. The physical […]

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