At the following list there is selection of restaurants recommended by the travelers

Mojsa Restaurant

Cuisine: Peruvian food
Great variety of the best Peruvian dishes, Pizzas, Desserts.
Jr. Lima Nº 635 (2nd floor), Puno

Alma Restaurant

Cuisine: Peruvian food
Offers: A cozy and elegant atmosphere, with a beautiful view of the lake, where you can
watch the sunset
Address:  Sesqui Centenario Avenue 1970

Tradiciones del Lago

Cuisine: Peruvian, Novo Andina and International food
A warm place where you can taste delicious traditional food, pastries, made from
natural products, Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Crepes varied, among others.
Jirón Lima Nº 418, Puno

Uros Restaurant

Cuisine: Novo Andina and International food.
products such as Andean Alpaca, Lamb, Ostrich, quinoa, etc. and also freshproducts from the sea.
Leguia Avenue N° 1105, Puno



Balcones de Puno

Cuisine: Peruvian and fusion food
Traditional food with an excellent service and also you can enjoy the greatfolkloric show.
Jr. Libertad 354, Puno.



La Casona Restaurant

Cuisine: Peruvian food and Pastas.
An elegant and charming restaurant place with a variety of traditional dishes anda quality service. (Lomo de Alpaca, Cerdo y Cordero, Trucha, etc.)
Lima Street 423 (2nd floor), Puno.

Tulipan Restaurant Bar

Cuisine: American food
Pizzas, Lasagnas, Pastas, Sandwiches. It has two nice relaxing areas.
Jr. Lima 394/ Corner Jr. Libertad 414, Puno

Plaza Restaurant

Cuisine: Novo Andina and International food
The most delicious and varied typical dishes such as Chairo Puneno, Cuy, Alpaca
and Trucha, pastas, chicken and a comfortable and welcoming place.
Puno 425, Puno.



Restaurant Giorgio.

Cuisine: Peruvian and International food
a personalized service with a spacious and pleasant place. Salads, Pastries, Meat

of birds, grill, fish among others.
Jr. Lima 430, Puno.

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