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Within the next few decades Peru’s jungle tribes may cease to exist as independent cultural and racial entities in the face of persistent and increasing pressure from external colonization. The indigenous people of the Peruvian jungles are being pushed off their land by an endless combination of slash-and-burn colonization, big oil companies, gold miners, timber […]

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Since the early 1970s, the indigenous rainforest nations, in particular the Campa Ashaninka from the much threatened central jungle area, have been co-ordinating opposition to these threats. Representatives, sometimes working in conjunction with indigenous political umbrella organizations, have gone increasingly regularly to Lima to get publicity and assert Indian claims to land. For the Ashaninka, […]

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There are a number of projects working with the Ashaninka to rebuild their communities and strengthen their territorial and economic position. Contact the Rainforest Foundation in London (Suite A5, City Cloisters, 196 Old Street, London EC1V 9FR; or the ACPC in Lima ( for more information. There is also an Ashaninka web site […]

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Below is an account by a local Amarakaeri Indian from the southeast province of Madre de Dios, a witness to the way of life that colonists and corporations are destroying. Originally given as testimony to a human rights movement in Lima, it is reprinted by permission of Survival International. “We Indians were born, work, live, […]

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Survival for Tribal Peoples is a worldwide organization supporting tribal peoples, standing for their right to decide their own future and helping them protect their lives, lands and rights. Survival have been active in campaigning against the threats to tribal land and way of life posed by oil exploration and exploitation in Peru and have […]

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