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Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines, The mystery behind the pictures The Nazca Lines are a group of traces that are located in the Jumana pampas, on the Nazca desert, between the towns of Nazca and Palpa, they were draw by the Nazca culture, and there are hundreds of these lines, from geometric figures to zoomorphic, fitomorphics that are […]

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Nazca Information

Nazca, the desert and the sea This city is an obligated stop at your destination when you arrive to Perú, is a very pretty city, its small but sure enough you want to come back again. Located at the south of the country, is one of the cities that is beginning to develop his touristic […]

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Things to do in Peru

Peru as mega diverse country, count with an endless list of stunning places and things to do along its all territory. From the wonderful landscapes and archeological sites of its highlands to the great biodiversity of wildlife in its jungle… and the interesting culture, entertainment and relaxing of its coast. *Every traveler who is planning […]

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The Nazca Lines and Paracas

NASCA, MYSTERIES AND ADVENTURE . This is Nasca, a unique place due to the mysteries of its marvelous lines and figures, drawn with spectacular perfection, by the gods… by aliens… by giants or by ordinary people? The beauty and magnitude of the lines must be observed from above. The drawings and their meaning are even more […]

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Nazca is one of the most important cultures in Peru. This Civilization was located in the Nazca region, department of Ica. They dominated the valleys of Chincha, Pisco, Ica and Nazca. Appears around 2,000 years ago near to the coast the mountains of Southwest Peru. This civilization it´s divided in two periods of time: Early […]

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The Nazca Lines Theories emerged because, according to dating, the 13 000 lines and 800 geogíficos range from 550 to 650 years A.C and the controversy over to identity of those who created the tracks and to know the real purpose of these enigmatic draws, that nowadays continue more relevant than ever. At first any […]

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The Nazca culture was developed on the coast of Ica department, with the main center of the city of Cahuachi in the Rio Grande Valley. Nazca was an ancient civilization that emerged in the province of Nazca, around the first century and into decline in the sixth century. It was located along the Rio Grande […]

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