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From the Jorge Chavez International Airport departs daily flights from Lima to Cusco. The airport is located at a distance of 19 km. of the center of the city of Lima. The airport is one of the busiest and modern in Latin America; from there depart large numbers of domestic and international flights. For the fourth consecutive year […]

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Every year many people decide to take a vacation and travel to Lima Peru. Lima is surrounding of tourist attractions, the sights of Lima, is divided in two old colonial and modern Lima appreciate colonial balconies, Government Palace, San Francisco Church, Miraflores, San Isidro, Lima Catredral, Museums and many other tourist attractions of Lima city tour to Pachacamac Caral swamps […]

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The Huaca Huallamarca

The Huaca Huallamarca was a stepped pyramid, Build with little sun dried bricks hand made in a corn grain shape. His walls were painted of yellow. The site of Huallamarca has an antique of 2 thousand years old, between the 100 bd and the 250 ad. In 1942, Julio C. Tello, a famous archaeologist decide […]

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Things to do in Peru

Peru as mega diverse country, count with an endless list of stunning places and things to do along its all territory. From the wonderful landscapes and archeological sites of its highlands to the great biodiversity of wildlife in its jungle… and the interesting culture, entertainment and relaxing of its coast. *Every traveler who is planning […]

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Things to do in Lima Peru

You will find lots of things to do in Lima, here you have a variety of alternatives such as culture, gastronomy, adventure, nature, beach, entertainment. Lima is a great place to know more about the history pre-Inca, Inca, colonial, republican and modern history. Lima is a destination of tastes and traditions. Being in Lima you […]

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The name of the Lima Airport is Jorge Chavez; it is located in Callao, near the port and 10 miles from downtown Lima. It is Peru’s main airport, because it concentrates the majority of international and domestic flights in the country serving about 11.800.0002 passengers per year. The Jorge Chavez International Airports is strategically located […]

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Lima Peru’s capital and the most important city of America, is located in the central coast, along the Pacific Ocean. It has more than 8 million people, made up of different races of the world. Nowadays is regarded as the political, cultural, financial and commercial country. Internationally, the city ranks fifth among the largest cities […]

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The Main Square of Lima is one of the most important touristic destinations, located in heart of the Historic Centre of Lima, founded by Francisco Pizarro in 1535, is a World Heritage Site, declared by UNESCO. The Plaza was the headquarters of the Spanish Colonial Government and was heavily damaged during the earthquake in 1746, […]

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General Information Lima Peru Weather, according to its geographical location (in the tropical southern hemisphere) Peru should have a warm, humid and rainy. However, the presence of the Andes, the South Pacific anticyclone circulation and the cold Humboldt Current has certain environmental conditions, giving rise to a variety of climates. On the coast almost never […]

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