Things to do in Lima Peru


You will find lots of things to do in Lima, here you have a
variety of alternatives such as culture, gastronomy, adventure, nature, beach,
entertainment. Lima is a great place to know more about the history pre-Inca,
Inca, colonial, republican and modern history. Lima is a destination of tastes
and traditions.

Being in Lima you can start visiting the historical center and its surroundings:

  • The Plaza de Armas, from here usually star all the city tours.
  • The Plaza San Martin is one of the most representative places of the city of Lima. Its central monument is made in honor of the Libertador Jose de San Martin.
  • The Government Palace
  • The Cathedral
  • The Convent of San Francisco, here are located the famous catacombs.

Visit the large number of museums:

  • Larco Museum, displays the finest gold and silver collection from Ancient Peru
    and the famous erotic archaeological collection, one of the most visited
    attractions in Peru.
  • The Gold Museum has an important private collection of gold objects; some of
    them have more than 2 000 years old.
  • The National Museum of Archaeology and History of Peru, here you will have the
    opportunity to se the Estela Raimondi and the Tello Obelisk, also you will see
    collections from the pre ceramic to the Inca period.
  • The Museum of the Nation has thousands of original pieces from the different
    periods in the history of Peru, which has been obtained through archaeological
    research and recovery of property that had been trafficked illegally.

Click here to see more information about the museums
If you are looking for adventure, here you will be able to practice adventure
sports. Lima has the extraordinary privilege of geographical changes which can
range from arid deserts, along the Pacific Ocean, or beautiful valleys and
rivers, to ascend to the heights of the Andes. Many of these scenarios are
located at short distances from each other, thereby providing a wide range of
possibilities for adventure sports in the capital.

  • Paragliding in Miraflores
  • Canoeing in Lunahuana, 3 hours from Lima
  • Surf
  • Rappel in Pachacamac
  • Trekking

Gastronomy tour

Another thing that you can do is a Gastronomy Tour, where you will have the
opportunity to go to a Peruvian market where you will appreciate a great variety
of Peruvian products such as fish, fruits, vegetables, etc. also you will visit
an exclusive restaurant where you will be able to prepare and taste Pisco Sour
and Cebiche.
Also Lima offers a great alternatives of restaurants specialized in Peruvian and
International food.

City tour by night

This is an excellent idea to appreciate a beautiful illuminated Lima. You
can visit Lima center, the fountains and end the tour with an entertaining
dinner show.

Miraflores District

This the most tourist district of Lima, here you will fine a wide variety of
restaurants, shops, bars, casinos, hotels among others. Because of its security,
a high number of tourists from around the world prefer to stay here and for this
reason more hotels, including the most popular in the city of Lima, are located
in this district. In addition to its beaches and piers with well-kept parks and
a panoramic view of the bay of Chorrillos, Miraflores has many tourist

  • Huaca Pucllana was the most important ceremonial administrative centers of
    culture Lima, it is estimated that it was built in the sixth century AD and is
    currently one of the best preserved huacas of the city of Lima.
  • Miraflores Central Park, located in the heart of Miraflores, is very popular
    for the trade that is in its surroundings. In this park are artists that offer
    their paintings and wooden sculptures. In front of this park is the church and
    the municipality of Miraflores district, and nearby is the Pizzas street where
    are a large number of restaurants that specialize in this Italian food.
  • Larcomar, located on a cliff at the foot of the Pacific Ocean, which affords
    an excellent view of the coast of Lima, this mall has several levels of shops of
    all kinds, local food, bars and cafes as well as a modern cinema. Behind the
    mall there are two emblematic buildings that are considered the most modern in
    Miraflores, Ocean Park Towers and Marriott.

Barranco District

In this district you will find numerous restaurants where you can taste the
varied cuisine of Peru, there are bohemian bars, clubs and this district promote
the pisco. The weekend is the busiest in Lima, with its variety of bars, discos,
clubs, Creole peñas. Both youth and adults often go to have fun.

  • Bajada de los Baños, formerly this area corresponded to a natural stream where
    fishermen came down from Surco to the beaches of Barranco. On the cliffs of the
    Slope were built, from the early twentieth century, beautiful ranches that are
    preserved until today.
  • Bridge of Sighs built in 1876 and inaugurated on February 14. It is said that
    the person who first cross the bridge without breathing their wish will come
  • Pedro de Osma Museum

The art collection of the museum comes from the personal collection formed by
Don Pedro de Osma Gildemeister between 1936 to 1967.

Enjoy the nightlife in Lima

Lima offers a great variety of pubs, discos, bars for all the budgets and
styles. The nightlife of Lima is full of life. Peruvians and tourist are moving
to any kind of rhythm, from salsa to Argentine rock.
Check here for more information about the discos and bars in Lima

Looking for entertaining

  • Cinema
  • Theater
  • Shopping
  • Casinos
  • Bars, discos, pubs
  • Others

Outside Lima

  • You can visit Caral, it is located in the Supe Valley, 200 kilometers north of
    Lima. Caral is the oldest city in Peru, has more than 5000 years and is home to
    the first Andean civilization that shaped the foundations of a social and
    singular organization, which along with Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China and
    Mesoamerica are the focal points of culture in the world. It was declared a
    World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Caral is distinguished by its antiquity,
    architectural complexity with pyramidal buildings, squares, its design and the
    urban extension. Caral has 66 hectares, divided into two zones, one central and
    the other peripheral.
    It has also been called sacred city, as it is a time for the first time, the
    Peruvian societies had a central government sets the state and used religion as
    a means of affirmation. All that has been excavated in the city is steeped in
    religiosity. There are many fires built for offerings. There are signs of
    possible rituals at each location. Not only in the areas of public space or in
    the temples but also in homes.
  • Pachacamac is an archaeological site located in the district and valley
    of Lurin. Pachacamac is one of the greatest and important archaeological sites
    of Peru, and in its time was the huaca (oracle) most consulted the Andean world.
    Pachacamac is a large architectural complex with many buildings which were built
    in different eras, from the early years of our era to the sixteenth century.
    Here is an ancient pre-Hispanic oracle built with adobe bricks, which was on the
    coast the main place of worship of the time the god Pachacamac, who was credited
    with the creation of the universe and everything it contains.
  • Lunahuana s located 38 km east of San Vicente de Cañete which is the
    capital of the Province of Cañete and 182 km southeast of Lima. It is the
    district with more tourist flow of Cañete. It has become the center of adventure
    sports in the Cañete River, here you have the possibility to do canoeing, hang
    gliding and others sports, as well as its cuisine, pisco Uvina, and by its
    different towns, characterized by its excellent geography. The weather is
    temperate and warm with sunshine throughout the year.
    The average temperature is 16 º C in winter and 26 º C in summer. Here you will
    find valley wines, pisco and shrimp, due to its proximity to the city of Lima,
    has become one of the favorite places to spend the weekend with family or
    friends. It has beautiful scenery, history, good food, archaeological sites and
    of course an ideal place for lovers of adventure sports. From January to March
    is the best time for canoeing as is given the rising of the river flow therefore
    are better faster and more adrenaline.

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