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Peru Festivals

Peru is a multicultural country and thus has many festivals that occur throughout the country totally different from each other. The festivals of Peru show the fervor of its people and are often linked to religious origins. At certain times of year, Peru seems to be a country of endless festivals, parades and parties. The […]

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Peru festivities

A traditional Peruvian festival is, by nature, a space where all things both sacred and profane come together in a single manifestation of pride, vitality and sheer joy. The Christian rite that is manifestly visible –above all in the highlands– is superimposed on the pre-Hispanic tradition of taki (singing and dancing in the Quechua language) […]

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January * Feast of the birth of Jesus – Reque: January. Important religious festival with a large influx of devout believers who come from different parts of the department. The festival is organized by the parish and the District Municipality. March * Religious Feast of St. Joseph the Patriarch of Mórrope: March 09, a traditional […]

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Peru festivals, celebrations and festivities on December When Where Description 8 Lima Lunahuana Adventure Sports Festival. Day of the Immaculate Virgin: Saint of rafting. 3 to 10 Ayacucho Week of the Latin American Freedom. Civic and patriotic event in honor of the Ayacucho Battle. 23 to 24 Cusco Popular Fair Santuranticuy. Sale and exhibition of […]

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PERU FESTIVALS, CELEBRATIONS AND FESTIVITIES ON NOVEMBER When Where Description All month Lima San Martin de Porres Festivity. This saint was born in Lima in 1579. 1 to 13 Ayacucho All Saints’ Day. One of the greatest religious festivities of Ayacucho. On the 1st, the main day, all people congregate in the cemetery, in order […]

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Peru festivals, celebrations and festivities on July When Where Description 8 to 12 San Martín Tarapoto Tourist Week. Typical food and dancing. 12 Madre de Dios Regional Agricultural and Handicraft Madre de Dios’ Fair in Puerto Maldonado. Regions products, Jungle handicraft, diverse entertainments, sightseeing tour by boat from Puerto Maldonado. This is an opportunity to […]

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Peru festivals, celebrations and festivities on May When Where Description 1st week Cajamarca “Florecer” in Cajamarca. 1st week Ica Day of the “Pisco”: the Peruvian brandy. In Ica the tourist can visit the Tacama, Ocucaje, Vista Alegre, El Carmelo and other wine cellars. 1st week Junin “Señor de Muruhuay”. Great Pilgrimage to the Patron Sanctuary. […]

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Peru festivals, celebrations and festivities on March When Where Description 1st week Lima Lunahuana. Vintage Festival, competition of adventure sports (rafting). Shrimps can be tasted in a large variety of typical foods. 1st Fortnight Ica International Vintage. (Ica and Chincha). Festival the most beautiful woman of Ica, the Vintage Queen, presides the grapes cut festivities, […]

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PERU FESTIVALS, CELEBRATIONS AND FESTIVITIES ON FEBRUARY When Where Description 7 to 8 (Moveable) Lima International celebration of Adventure – Lunahuana. Punta Rocas Beach. Surfing Association at an International Four Stars Category 9 to 16 Puno Candelaria Virgin Festivity. Puno celebrates its patroness “Mamita Candicha” with the most extraordinary demonstration of its rich folklore. Tens […]

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Peru holds around 3,000 folk festivals every year, most of them are dedicated to a patron saint, falling within the Christian calendar imposed during the Vice royalty, after having been carefully adapted to the magical and religious beliefs of a particular region. Apart from these religious festivals, Peru hosts other celebrations that are exclusively pagan, […]

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June festivals and feasts

When Where Description All the month Cusco Cusco Jubilee Feast. Cultural, artistic and recreative activities are carried out in homage to the Imperial city. The medicinal hot-spring waters of Aguas Calientes are in the outskirts of the location, near Machu Picchu, as well as the Conac hot-spring waters (109 kms far). 1st week Cusco International […]

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