* Feast of the birth of Jesus – Reque: January. Important religious festival with a large influx of devout believers who come from different parts of the department. The festival is organized by the parish and the District Municipality.


* Religious Feast of St. Joseph the Patriarch of Mórrope: March 09, a traditional festival with bands of musicians contest, shepherdesses, fireworks, procession and dances often have great impact, many people concentrated nearby farmhouses.

* Religious festival of the Lord Nazarene Monsefú Captive: March 14, The villagers, esteemed weavers and embroiderers, dress in their best costumes to attend the celebrations in honor of the sacred image, the image goes in procession through the main streets to receive the salute and veneration of the faithful, craft fairs and exhibition are held also sale of typical dishes.

* Religious Feast of Santa Rosa in San Jose: March 30, it is a homage that the town pay to the saint patron, there are different activities such as dances, rooster fights, etc.


* Anniversary of the Foundation of Chiclayo: April 18

* Lord of Justice. In Ferreñafe: April 25, people celebrate this date with reverence. The fireworks, family gatherings, livestock and handicraft fairs are part of the festivities.


* Lemon Festival. From 22 to 30. Made in the district of Olmos, with competition between producers, dances and festivals.


* Divine Miracle Child. From 22 to 26. Festival that takes place in Eten, with religious, folklore and cultural activities.

* International Fair of King Kong and Sweet Festival. From 23 to 29. Made on the occasion of Independence Day takes place this great event in which the various companies from Lambayeque are dedicated to the elaboration of the King Kong exhibit their products at this international exhibition, reaching the central day in which the sample is given to King Kong largest in the world.

* FEXTICUM: From 23 to 31, is celebrated on Indepence Day of Peru in Monsefú City. Organized by the local people, where beautiful handicrafts, yarn and silver filigree are displayed. This party was born in 1973 at the initiative of Professor Limberg Chero Ballena, achieving transform on the border between the advance of transculturation and enhancement of the living culture muchick. The FEXTICUM is a manifestation of culture monsefuana in setting out the customs, cultural creativity, cuisine, crafts and festive muchick culture.

July and November

* Paso Horse Contest. Stresses the Peruvian Breweries stable of Backus & Johnston in Motupe, here is where the local beer, Beer Real, is produced.


* Chalpón Cross. First week of August. It pays tribute to the Chalpón Cross in the district of Motupe, whose origin dates back to 1868. During the course of the festivities brings together large numbers of devotees from different parts of the country and abroad, leading to religious expressions, masses, festivities, food, dances, etc.

* International Concentration Fighting Roosters: August 30.

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