Maps of Peru fall into three basic categories. A standard road map should be available from good map sellers just about anywhere in the world or in Peru itself from street vendors or librerías; the Touring Y Automovil Club de Peru, Avenida Cesar Vallejo 699, Lince, Lima (tel 01/440-3270) is worth visiting for its good route maps. Departmental maps , covering each departmento (Peruvian state) in greater detail, but often very out of date, are also fairly widely available. Topographic maps (usually 1:100,000) cover the entire coastal area and most of the mountainous region. In Lima, they can be bought from the Instituto Geográfico Nacional, Avenida Aramburu 1190, Surquillo (tel 01/475-3085 or 475-3075, postmaster@; the Servicio Aerofotografico Nacional, Las Palmas Airforce Base in Barranco (tel 01/477-3682); Ingemmet, Avenida Canada, 1470, San Borja (tel 01/225-3158); the Touring Y Automovil Club de Peru, Avenida Cesar Vallejo 699, Lince (tel 01/440-3270); and the Sevicio Aerofotografico Nacional, Base Fap, Las Palmas (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm; tel 01/467-1341). Maps are also available at the South American Explorers’ Club, along with a wide variety of hiking maps and guidebooks for all the most popular hiking zones and quite a few others.

Machu Picchu the fabled lost city of the Incas Rainforest Lima Nasca Lines , Paracas national park and Ballestas Islands

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