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Peru Map

Area: 1285 215.6 km .
Population: 29,076,000 inhabitants (2010)
Capital: Lima.
Density: 23.1 inhabitants per km .
Official language: Spanish, Quechua and Aymara

Geographic Location:
The Republic of Peru is one of the most important centers of cultural and tourist attraction in the world. It has a wonderful landscape presided over by the majestic Andes mountains, whose summits are born in rivers that, moving through our mysterious Amazon jungle, leading finally to the Pacific and Atlantic.

Peru is a large, mountainous country located on the Pacific coast of South America. It is bordered by Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Brazil and Bolivia to the east and Chile to the south. The boundary to the west is the Pacific Ocean.
There are three natural zones:

Coast: The Coast region, where is located the capital Lima, is a narrow coastal plain crossed by mostly desert and fertile valleys. Here are the agricultural plantations of cotton, sugar and rice, as well as most of the country's oil fields.

Highlands: The Sierra, part of the Andes, has some peaks above 6,000 meters. In this area are the country's mineral resources: silver, zinc, lead, copper and gold, and most of its livestock. La Selva, is a highland area is very fertile, subtropical type.

Jungle: The Amazon rainforest located in the eastern part of Peru has immense natural resources. However, the lack of communication and transportation infrastructure made this region were not exploited until the seventies. In 1973 began the extraction of oil on a large scale. The population of Peru is a mixture of Indians, mestizos, descendants of Spanish colonists, in addition, there are Chinese communities of African origin.


Machu Picchu the fabled lost city of the Incas Rainforest Lima Nasca Lines , Paracas national park and Ballestas Islands
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