When Where Description
All month Lima San Martin de Porres Festivity. This saint was born in Lima in 1579.
1 to 13 Ayacucho All Saints’ Day. One of the greatest religious festivities of Ayacucho. On the 1st, the main day, all people congregate in the cemetery, in order to remember their deceased, as well as, to tasting the typical food, specially the famous “guaguas” (babies) and “caballos” (horses), sweet bread in the form of figures.
1 to 3 Cusco All Saints’ Day. It is celebrated in different places of the country and with their own customs.
1 to 3
Lima Lima Departmental Contests of the Peruvian Stepping Horse in Mamacona, Lurin.
4 Cusco Folkloric meeting in Canas.
1st week Puno Jubilee and Tourist Week. Dramatization of the “Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo” Tale, who emerged from the waters of the Titicaca Lake in order to found the Incan Empire. Staging of the Spanish Foundation of Puno City. Historical event, that centered on the wealth of the “Laykakota” gold mine, next to the present location of the city. Departmental student band contest: instrumental and vocalized music. National folk festival with the participation of folk groups of the country south region. Handicraft fair. Other activities: exhibitions, lectures, civic and religious acts, sport competitions.
17 to 25 Ica Pisco Jubilee Feast, location where the Peruvian grape liquor originated. Tourist circuits around Paracas and Ballestas Islands.
21 to 27 Tumbes Tourist Week. Celebrated with sightseeing tours to Manglares Wood and Esteros of the Tumbes River, which view creates a spectacular landscape. Also typical food can be tasted.
22 to 23 Moquegua Contest of the Peruvian Stepping Horse in Moquegua.
23 to 24 Lambayeque Chiclayo Departmental Contest of the Peruvian Stepping Horse
23 to 29 Pasco Pasco’s Jubilee and Tourist Week. Creation Anniversary of the Pasco Department, civic-patriotic ceremonies, agricultural and handicraft fairs. Social activities and parades. Tourist circuits and the National Sanctuary are made of sedimentary volcanic geological material. These are un resistant rocks that with erosion take on beautiful shapes and figures (4000 mts above sea level).
25 Moquegua Moquegua’s Anniversary and Tourist Week. The anniversary of the Spanish foundation of Moquegua city (November 25, 1541), which is enthusiastically celebrated, coincides with the Tourist Week, that gives rise to a number of entertaining, artistic, cultural and sports activities.
Moveable Lima Pacific International Fair. With the participation of a great number of countries from the five continents, is carried out in Lima, the Pacific International Fair. It is a spectacular example of the technological and industrial advance of the attendant countries. The visitant has also the opportunity of enjoying with artistic, sports, and entertaining shows, as well as, of tasting different international gastronomy

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