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Festivities in Puerto Maldonado


Important festivities in Puerto Maldonado:

Carnival (February-March).
Colorful festival and popular euphoria, very welcomed by the locals. In this festival highlights the typical dance "The carnival", about the "Humshas" (palms) placed in places where such events are organized, they usually are within the perimeter of the City and in the towns more Department major.

Easter (April).
Religious festival celebrating all peoples of the department of Madre de Dios, which include various dishes achiote or palm.

Anniversary of the Manu National Park in Manu. (May 29)

Feast of St. John  (June 24).
Day of the celebration of the patron saint in the settlement of the Prado, which are held annually sports, complementing them with dances. In this festival the typical dish is "Juane".

Colorado Agricultural Fair in Boca Boca Colorado. (June 24)

St. Peter and Paul (June 29).
Day of the celebration of the patron saints of the Cachuela farmhouse, where the corresponding tasting dishes complement these activities with sports championships.

Agricultural and Craft Fair (July).
Event which is held exhibition and sale of animals, such as cattle and pigs. Likewise exhibition and sale of handicrafts and agricultural products, finishing at the end of the fair with horse rodeos and cockfights.

Puerto Maldonado Anniversary (July 12).
Each year a special program is produced by Anniversary (July 10), starting with Mass and then a civic parade - Military.

Anniversary Bahuaja Sonene National Paque. (July 17)

Tourism Week. (September 26)

Festival of Ecology - Miss Tourism. From September (26 to 27)

Feast of the Virgin of the Rosary in Labyrinth. (October 4)

Puerto Maldonado Forest Week. From November (02 to 07)

Anniversary of the Department of Madre de Dios (December 26).
Date on which takes place in the city of Puerto Maldonado a special program that starts with a great civic military parade, involving school and Public Sectors military and police institutions. Subsequently made international sporting championships, taking part in the Competition neighboring countries of Brazil and Bolivia with their respective teams borderlands.





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