Peru festivals, celebrations and festivities on May



1st week Cajamarca “Florecer” in Cajamarca.
1st week Ica Day of the “Pisco”: the Peruvian brandy. In Ica the tourist can visit the Tacama, Ocucaje, Vista Alegre, El Carmelo and other wine cellars.
1st week Junin “Señor de Muruhuay”. Great Pilgrimage to the Patron Sanctuary. Religious procession on flowers carpets. Fireworks, handicraft fair and open band concerts. The tourist can enjoy the beautiful landscapes.
1st Fortnight Junin Regional contest of the Peruvian Stepping horse in Concepcion – Huancayo.
1 to 5 Arequipa Patronal Feast of the Chapi Virgin. Great display of folks groups paying homage to the Virgin. Faithful people pilgrimage to the Sanctuary. Delicious food and typical drinks.
1 to 7 Arequipa Peruvian Nanin Runas Association.
2 to 4 Cusco “Cruz de Velacuy”. It is about the crosses vigil and adoration. In various churches folk groups stages the La Jurca customs scene and a great display of folk dances.
2 to 5 Puno Handicraft fair of “Alasitas”. The Fair of the “Alasitas” is carried out during the “Cross Feast” celebrations. This is an exhibition and sell of miniature handicraft. The “Ekeko” (small abundance idol) is a ceramic amulet which represents the success in business.
15 Cajamarca Saint Isidro Peasant.
2nd Fortnight Ancash Huaraz: In the White Mountain Range a safety and rescue course organized by the Guide House is taught at a national and international level.
3rd week Arequipa Touristic and Adventure week at Cotahuasi Canyon, the Sipia fall, Uscure Allancay and hot-spring waters.
23 Ayacucho Huamanga. Feast of Crosses: In addition to the traditional procession, the Scissors Dance is one of the most spectacular folk shows of the South Central part of the country.
31 to Jun 7 Ancash Week of the Alpinism of the “Callejón de Huaylas”. This is summer time in the mountains, recommended to practice this sport.

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