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A traditional Peruvian festival is, by nature, a space where all things both sacred and profane come together in a single manifestation of pride, vitality and sheer joy. The Christian rite that is manifestly visible –above all in the highlands– is superimposed on the pre-Hispanic tradition of taki (singing and dancing in the Quechua language) dedicated to pagan gods that are reborn every year in the guise of Occidental saints.The celebrations go hand-in-hand with a busy program of activities that include Mass, processions, pilgrimages, dancing, banquets, arts and crafts shows and agricultural fairs, folk dances and other shows that blend sensuality and spirituality, the circular order and temporary chaos as well as the past and the future.Peru’s festivals form a a richly colored tapestry aimed at reinventing history and producing a celebratory synthesis of Man and Mother Earth, if you are interested in a detailed description of all the celebrations please look at the Calendar of the Peru festivals

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