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Every year many people decide to take a vacation and travel to Lima Peru. Lima is surrounding of tourist attractions, the sights of Lima, is divided in two old colonial and modern Lima appreciate colonial balconies, Government Palace, San Francisco Church, Miraflores, San Isidro, Lima Catredral, Museums and many other tourist attractions of Lima city tour to Pachacamac Caral swamps Villa, Lima private tours; the Lima city by Night where one of our visits will be the magic water circuit.

Lima es la capital de Perú. Se localiza en la costa central del país, bañada por el océano Pacífico. Se sitúa a orillas del río Rímac, junto al cual se asienta, la ciudad de Callao, donde se encuentra el puerto marítimo más importante del Perú.
Lima es una de las capitales latinoamericanas de mayor crecimiento, alberga hoy al 25% de la población de Perú, unos siete millones de habitantes. La capital peruana es la sede de los poderes políticos estatales, y en ella se realizan casi dos tercios de las actividades económicas del país.
Su enorme crecimiento se debe a que concentra la administración gubernamental, el comercio y las finanzas, y gran parte de las industrias y las actividades culturales de Perú.
Lima is the main gateway to Peru, a major city bustling with living history and movement. It is an ethnic melting pot, featuring pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern elements. The metropolis is also surrounded by every aspect of Nature: the sea, islands, mountains, desert and plantlife. Its various quarters feature an active nightlife and well-endowed cultural scene, as well as plentiful public transport and non-stop activities, a city of more than 8 million souls.

154 meters
Average annual temperature: 19° (Maximum 25° and minimum 13° C). The rainy season is in winter, from June to September.
The climate is dryer and sunnier east up the Central Highway, in the Andean foothills. The road heads up through the province of Huarochiri, until it reaches the town of San Pedro de Casta, from where one can see the Marcahuasi plateau. The area is the site of huge natural formations eroded by the climate into the shape of animals and people.
Lima being the capital of Peru, is linked via the South Pan-American Highway with all the cities along the coast, from Ecuador to the north down as far south as Chile. Lima is connected to the cities in the interior via the Central Highway, the Marginal Highway and penetration routes. There are also flights from Lima's Jorge Chavez International Airport to the world's main cities as well as major cities around Peru. Jorge Chavez is in the constitutional province of Callao, Peru's main port.

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