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Peruvian Food

The Peruvian Food is an important expression of its own culture just as its ceramics, textiles, music and literature. Thanks to Peru’s three regions and ocean there are an abundance of markets that can offer a variety of fresh ingredients that satisfied not only the housewife but also the most sophisticated chef. The culinary history […]

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Cusco Restaurants offers a great variety of dishes, when you get to Cusco you will find a huge selection of restaurants and cafes at your disposal; some of them are concentrated in the Plaza de Armas (the Main Square) the most popular restaurants are large tourist joints with Andean music shows, where you can enjoy of a […]

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Cooking is simple, colorful and exotic with unexpected flavors; most ingredients are only available in the region. The most representative dishes are the Patarashca, turtle soup, made with turtle meat and served in its own shell; Juanes, Tachacho, Muchangue, Timbuche or Chilcano. Among typical drinks of the region are Masato, Cocona juice, Aguajina juice, juice […]

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All larger towns in Peru have a fair choice of restaurants , most of which offer a varied menu. Among them there’s usually a few chifa ( Chinese ) places, and nowadays a fair number of vegetarian restaurants too. Most restaurants in the larger towns stay open seven days a week from around 11am until […]

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All over Peru, but particularly in the large towns and cities, you’ll find a good variety of traditional fast foods and snacks such as salchipapas (fries with sliced sausage covered in various sauces), anticuchos (a shish kebab made from marinated lamb or beef heart) and empanadas (meat- or cheese-filled pies). These are all sold on […]

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As with almost every activity, the style and pattern of eating and drinking varies considerably between the three main regions of Peru. Depending on the very different ingredients available locally, food in each area is essentially a mestizo creation, combining indigenous Indian cooking with four hundred years of European – mostly Spanish – influence. Guinea […]

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Beers , wines and spirits are served in almost every bar, café or restaurant at any time, but there is a deposit on taking beer bottles out (canned beer is one of the worst inventions to hit Peru this century – some of the finest beaches are littered with empty cans). Most Peruvian beer – […]

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