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The gastronomy in Machu Picchu is varied, due to his enormous diversity in Perú, That’s because people like the Incas should be able to harvest every kind of product that taste and makes good for the entire Empire. Products like potatoes, yucas, sweet potato, oca, olluco, and many others complete the everyday diet of the ancient inhabitant.

And only that, meat was a valued thing to eat, from the guinea pig to llama is a very and tasty food, that prepared with the right ingredients, make a full banquet without much money.

Principal dishes in Machu Picchu-Cusco

Soups like timpo, which is made with a piece of meat, lambs head, bacon, with garnish of cabbage, potatoes, moraya (a very unique kind of potato), rice, peaches and yucas. Is a really fulfill and satisfied dish, the soup serves on a side with the rest of the other products, this dish should be enough to feed 2 or 3 people, depends of the appetite of the persons.

Other soup is the Saralawa, which is a soup made with corn, lama beans, dry chili and many herbs, like huacatay, cilantro and parsley, very good for the inclement cold of the Sanctuary, and gain strength and vigor to climb anywhere you want.

Olluquito with charqui: The Olluquito is a tuber that is used from ancient times in the Peruvian Sierra, is a great dish, served with sweet potato and Charqui, which is dry llama meat, this practice of get dry the meat dates from Inca times, to be able to resist many days, even weeks, is also served with rice.

Pig adobo: Is one of the dishes that the people preferred, is a pig which is marinade with Chicha, the local beer of the Machu Picchu City, and leave for like 30 min and then put in a clay pot, cooked with the local herbs like parsley, mint and thyme.

Chuño cola: Chuño is a potato that is dry and leaves outside of the house, and let the sun dries and acquired a strong taste. This dish is prepared with boiled meat, along with rice, sausages and the mentioned Chuño. The way that must be eaten is with a spoon called Huisilla.

Humitas: is a dessert, looks like tamale, but is sweet, made of corn and sugar, very tasteful, ideal for the cold weather.

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