Cusco Restaurants offers a great variety of dishes, when you get to Cusco you will find a huge selection of restaurants and cafes at your disposal; some of them are concentrated in the Plaza de Armas (the Main Square) the most popular restaurants are large tourist joints with Andean music shows, where you can enjoy of a delicious dinner or lunch while you can appreciate the dance show with a typical costumes and traditions of the zone. Then are other places more economical, informal places usually visited by backpackers and adventure travelers.

In the last years Cusco had a tremendous increase, with the appearances of more sophisticated restaurants, where you can taste a diverse Peruvian and international gastronomy and the prices have crept steadily upward at the top end of the scale. It is important to mention that not all restaurants in Cusco accept credit cards; many of those that do, especially the cheaper places, so it is better of carrying cash (either soles or dollars). Top-flight restaurants often charge both a 10% service charge and 18% sales tax, neither of which is included in the prices listed.

Peru has one of the most exquisite and varied cuisines of the world. The chefs have succeeded by adapting several varieties of native ingredients while keeping open the possibility of influences of outside food. The cuisine of Peru is an invitation to discover flavors and fragrant odors that are so authentic and old.

Cusco is one of the best cuisines in the Peruvian Andes where prevails the use of potato and corn. It is important to remember that the potato is from Peru and was well developed from the Incas, the current production have a variety of over 3,000 types. It also highlights in Peru several varieties of coffee, which have achieved worldwide gourmet category in Cusco Quillabamba coffee stands.

For tourists arriving in Cusco, 3,399 meters above the sea level, should avoid, at least the first day, eating spicy foods, as it may be a factor of feeling the altitude sickness or soroche. It is also recommended drinking bottled water only. The main restaurants can prepare typical or traditional meals with low-fat condiments and at the request of the tourists. Given the height of the city, the digestion of food can take longer than normal.

Timpo: delicious soup, prepared by boiling a piece of beef brisket, lamb head, bacon, plus cabbage, potatoes, moraya, chickpeas, rice, yams, peaches, pears and yuccas. Broth is served separately from other things, which are covered on the plate with the cabbage leaves.

Chuño Cola, stew of Inca origin. It is prepared by boiling meat broth, rice, sausage, chickpeas, potatoes and potato starch. This dish is eaten with wooden spoon, called huisilla. The chuño is dried potato.

Kapche Cheese (Cheese Kapche), soup of choice in November and December, prepared with green beans, potatoes, milk, eggs, cheese, and pepper, with a garnish of onion, garlic and butter. Serve with rice.

Guinea Pig or Rabbit Pepian, delicacy prepared with pieces of guinea pig (or rabbit) deep-fried, is served with a garnish of onion, red pepper, and peanuts. Serve with rice and boiled potatoes.

Adobo, spiced pork in chichi and spices and cooked in a clay pot.

Olluco, meat, stew of Olluco with charqui or beef of llama.

Here you will find a list of the best restaurants in Cusco:

* Le Soleil
 French food
Offers: Breakfast / Brunch, Reservations, Late Night.
Address: Calle San Agustin 275, Cusco _84 Cusco, Perú

* Prasada Veggie Food
Vegetarian food
Address: Choquechaca 152 | Barrio San Blas, Cusco , Perú

* Limo & Piso Bar
 Peruvian Food
Offers: Breakfast / Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Reservations, Late Night, Dessert
Address: Portal de Carnes 236 | Second Floor, Cusco, Perú

* Tunupa Restaurant
 Peruvian food, Italian, Fusion
Address: Portal Confituria 233 2nd floor Main Square

* Fallen Angel
 Peruvian Food and Fusion
Good for: Romantic, Bar, Cheap Eats, Special Occasion
Offers: Lunch, Dinner, Reservations, Late Night, Dessert
Address: Plazoleta Nazarenas 221, Cusco, Perú

* Chi Cha Restaurant
Good for:
 Romantic, Bar Scene, Groups, Business, Cheap Eats, Special Occasion, Entertaining clients.
Offers: Breakfast / Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Reservations, Late Night, Dessert
Address: Calle Plaza Regocijo 261-2 piso, Cusco, Perú

* Divina Comedia Restaurant
 Peruvian Fusion Music live
Good for: Romantic, Groups, Business, Special Occasion.
Offers: dinner, open at night
Address: Pumacurco 406 | One block from Monasterio Hotel, Cusco 84, Perú

* Marcelo Batata Restaurant
Cuisine Peruvian fusion
Good for: Families with children, Large groups, local cuisine, Entertaining clients.
Offers: Dining, Reservations, Late Night, Dessert
Address: Calle Palacio 121, Cusco, Perú

* Inka Grill
Cuisine Contemporánea, Internacional, Peruana, Pizza
Good for: Families with children, large groups, local cuisine, Entertaining clients.
Offers: Breakfast / Brunch, Reservations, Late Night
Address: Portal de Panes 115, Cusco, Perú

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