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Gastronomy of Puerto Maldonado


Cooking is simple, colorful and exotic with unexpected flavors; most ingredients are only available in the region. The most representative dishes are the Patarashca, turtle soup, made with turtle meat and served in its own shell; Juanes, Tachacho, Muchangue, Timbuche or Chilcano. Among typical drinks of the region are Masato, Cocona juice, Aguajina juice, juice pihuayo, Chapo, Seven Roots, Huarapo

• Juane: Juane traditional Peruvian food in the area of the jungle. This meal consists of rice, meat, eggs and black olives and is usually wrapped in banana leaves that are spread beneath the food. this typical plate is accompanied by fried plantains and black olives.

• Tacacho with cured meat: roast or fried plantains mashed with lard and dried meat.

• Inchicapi: chicken soup with peanuts, cilantro and yucca.
• Timbuche: fish soup with green banana and sacha cilantro (herb that mimics the taste and odor of coriander or cilantro).
• Roast venison with rice and green plantain.

• Roast picuro: Amazonian rodent meat very tasty charcoal roasted.
• carachama broth soup thick with fish called carachama bananas and cilantro.

They also offer traditional beverages such as:
• Masato: Boiled cassava and fermented with sweet potato or sugar.
• The refresh aguajina: Delicious soda water hole.
• The refresh pihuayo: palm.
• El Chapo refreshing banana and sugar served cold.


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