All about Peruvian music


All about Peruvian music:


Many performers have achieved mass appeal and recording contracts in Peru and can support themselves solely by their work as musicians. Nationally celebrated performers include Florcita de Pisaq (a huayno vocalist), Pastorita Huaracina (a singer of both cholo and mestizo varieties) and Jaime Guardía (a virtuoso of the charango). These performers take pride in being […]

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Chicha , the fermented maize beer, has given its name to a new and hugely popular brew of Andean tropical music – a fusion of urban cumbia (local versions of the original Colombian dance), traditional highland huayno, and rock. The music’s origins lie in the massive migration of Amerindians from the inner mountain areas to […]

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Afro-Peruvian music has its roots in the communities of black slaves brought to work in the mines along the Peruvian coast. As such, it’s a fair way from the Andes, culturally and geographically. However, as it developed, particularly in this century, it drew on Andean and Spanish, as well as African traditions, while its modern […]

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Panpipes , known by the Aymara as siku, by the Quechna as antara and by the Spanish as zampoña, are ancient instruments and archeologists have unearthed panpipes tuned to a variety of scales. While modern panpipes – played in the city or in groups with other instruments – may offer a complete scale allowing solo […]

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Latin America’s oldest musical traditions are those of the Amerindians of the Andes. Their music is best known outside these countries through the characteristic panpipes of poncho-clad folklore groups. However, there’s a multitude of rhythms and popular musics found here deserve a lot more recognition, incuding huayno and chicha, still relatively unknown abroad, as well […]

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