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Uros and Taquile Islands

Uros Island

The floating island of Uros is one of the most unique attractions of world tourism. It is built in artificial way made by totora, a plant of thin leaves that grows in the lake. This material is also used in the manufacture of all crafts and boats which its inhabitants use to go fishing. The floating island is 4 km. from Puno.

To get to the floating islands of Uros you have to take the motorboat service, which depart from the port of Puno from 8:00 to 14:00, we can find these boats on the banks of the Lake in the city of Puno, and usually the route can be made in about 3 hours.

Women in the community tend to welcome visitors with songs and with their traditional dress, and the president of the island giving a cordial reception to welcome the tourists. This island still has clothing and terraces of the Inca people. The island is considered one of the oldest towns in America, maintaining their customs and traditions. The Uros call themselves "kotsuña" which means “people of the lake”, its origins date back to eras before the Incas. They still maintain the tradition of artisanal fisheries especially and hunt wild birds.

Uros Island

Taquile Island

Residents organize and manage all aspects of tourism on their island, welcoming into their homes to visitors, by way of preserving their ancient customs. It is inhabited by about 350 families, who strictly follow the Incas customs, where the three most important precepts of the rule remain as law: Do not steal, do not be lazy and do not lie.

Its economy is based on fishing, farming potatoes in the platforms and tourism, they receives 40.000 visitors annually. Taquile is especially known for its textiles, which are among the finest crafts around the world. They are also known to have created an innovative model of controlled tourism by the community, offering stays in homes with families, transportation, and restaurants for tourists.

On this island you can see Inca ruins and its people, who are very hospitable and happy people, organize tours and special excursions to the tourists. Visitors can make the journey to the island from the city of Puno, by one of the boats made of totora, for about three hours away, admiring a beautiful landscape, until one of the ports of the island. Once there, visitors can explore on foot, following ancient Inca trails constructed of small pieces of stone, archaeological remains and ancestral traditions. Within the island there is not modern transportation.

Taquile Island

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