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Puca Pucara Information



This construction is located 6km from Cusco. "Puca" in Quechua means "Red" and "Pucara" means "Fortress-Watchtower. Located at a strategic point along the road to the Antisuyo (the jungle part of the Inca empire), it also served as a checkpoint on the Inca road and was a military and administrative center.
Pucapucara is located at the top of the road to Pisac, about 7 km from Cusco City. The name means Red Fort, on the red color because the color of the earth.
In Puca Pucara there are places, inner plazas, baths, aqueducts, and an old road. The buildings are made of stones that come in many sizes medium-small, on the surface of the rocks is very irregular, compared with other archaeological remains. The urban layout is adequate and functional.
This three-tier to the same place. The first wall has a sinuous route carefully avoids to cut salient rocks. To the north side and behind the outer wall, you can find six rooms of various sizes, which are built in an irregular shape, so as not to touch the rocks that create the wall. The second wall surrounds the central elevation. Between this and the first you are very broad platforms facing the south and east


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