Churchs in Cusco


The Cathedral
The majestic cathedral of Cusco is located in the Plaza de Armas was built on Wiraqocha Quiswarqancha or palace with stones from the fortress of Sacsayhuaman. It is believed that the church began the year of 1.560 and finished almost a hundred years later. The interior was renovated in the year 2000, is baroque and Renaissance can be seen there over 400 stunning colonial paintings, most of them belonging to the Cusco School. Preserves works of Cusco painters Diego Quispe Tito, Basilio Santa Cruz, and Marcos Antonio Zapata Sinchiroca. There are also very valuable specimens of gold and beautiful altarpieces.
The cathedral is surrounded by two chapels: the Chapel of Triumph, built on the former palace of Viracocha or Quishuarcancha, and the chapel Sunturwasi, former home of emblems and weapons.

Compañía de Jesús Church
On one side of the Plaza de Armas and the Amaruqancha or palace of Huayna Capac, this temple was begun at 1.571. It is one of the best examples of colonial religious architecture.
The temple is shaped like a cross. It has a single nave arches set on six side chapels that are home altars carved and gilded wood, under the dome are the chapels underground labyrinths surrounded by secret resting place of famous historical figures. Currently the Company of Jesus is taken up by the University Auditorium and the Palace of Justice.

Convent of Santo Domingo
Based on the walls of the famous Inca temple or Qoriqancha Intiqancha is the beautiful convent of Santo Domingo convent was built stone upon the most important Inca temple dedicated to the worship of the Sun According to Spanish chroniclers, was largely its compartments coated with gold leaf, in fact the origin of its name implies: qori gold; qancha: place. The Qoriqancha has underground galleries that remain a mystery to archaeologists, it is said that the basement would be buried the bodies of the Incas Sairi Diego and Felipe Tupac Amaru Tupac as well as the conquistador Juan Pizarro. It also retains valuable paintings from the Cusco School.

La Merced Church
La Merced church dates from the sixteenth century. Their altars are richly decorated. His custody is considered the most artistic and beautiful in the country and the second largest in the world. Custody weighs 22 kilos, measures 1.3 meters tall and has embedded diamonds 1.805 and 615 precious stones like rubies, topaz and emeralds. The paintings of the temple and monastery are a collection of great value are the paintings around San Pedro de Nolasco and many other great religious value.
San Blas Church
The church of San Blas is the oldest parish in Cusco, dates from 1563, was founded by Mr. Polo Ondegardo and Bishop Juan Solano.
Speaking of San Blas is referring to his pulpit, which many experts, is the piece of wood carved finest in the world, a single cedar log emerge, as if by magic, angels, demons, saints, virgins and chimeras . It is believed that the author of this impressive work of art was indigenous artist John Thomas Tuyritupa, although other names are handled by other artists that might be the managers of this unique work of art.

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