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Peru Tourism

Peru has a rich culture to match only the great and ancient civilizations in the history of mankind. Nowadays the tourism in Peru is increasing because we have many tourist attractions, the culture, history, geographic regions and gastronomy. As an important country in the archeology of the Americas, has more than one hundred thousand archaeological sites.

The Peruvian territory is composed of diverse landscapes, the moors, the highlands, valleys and high peaks of the Andes mountains separating the desert coast to the west and the Amazon to the east.

Visitors have the opportunity to go into the Amazon or go back to the past to live pre-Incan Andean traditions, Inca, colonial and republican, manifested in the variety of Peruvian cuisine, art, customs community, music, the use of the flame as Andean pack animal on a hike through snowy peaks of the Cordillera Blanca of the Andes, the Inca Trail, outside and inside of Cusco, near the mysterious temple of Chavin and in general in the Andes region of this country.

Peru is an ideal place for lovers of adventure tours, be possible to practice different kinds of sports such as mountain climbing or mountaineering, canoeing, snow biking, trekking, paragliding and hang gliding, surfing and many other forms to attract visitors. Interestingly, the variety of adventures that tourists can take in this country due to the variety of climates and geographical shape of its territory. For example, simultaneously when the coast is summer in the mountains is winter and the climate is tropical jungle.

Tourists wishing to visit the territory step by step, have the opportunity to practice experiential tourism in Peru or rural farmhouses in families who have prepared their homes to accommodate tourists and teach their way of life, customs and traditions as plowing cattle, making bread, participate in ceremonies for payment to the land, respect the forest, plant products from the area, walking to nearby attractions and many other native customs preserved from the past.

In the tour of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is possible to revive the ancient myths and traditions in contact with local people during the ancient routes rrecorrido by Ollantaytambo, plus you can appreciate an exuberant nature, unique landscapes, hundreds of species of orchids and colorful birds.

Tourist Destinations in Peru
The most popular destinations in Peru are the cities of Lima with its historic center as a point of entry and Cusco characterized by its Inca and colonial architecture. The main attractions of Cusco is the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, voted one of the 7 New Wonders of the World.

Major tourist destinations in southern Peru are cities like, Ica, Arequipa, Nazca, Paracas, Cuzco, Puno, Ayacucho and Puerto Maldonado, with large attractive architectural, cultural and natural.

In the central Andean region of Peru one of the destinations of great importance is the Callejon de Huaylas in the Ancash region, home of adventure travel with great atractico Huascaran National Park.

On the north coast of Peru is the city of Trujillo where the Citadel of Chan Chan built the adobe metropolis largest in Latin America and the second in the world. Trujillo is also found in the traditional resort of Huanchaco, the Huaca El Dragon or Rainbow and the Temples of the Sun and the Moon outside the Chimu culture.

In Chiclayo capital of Lambayeque region is the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum and Archeological Site of actractivos Tcume among many others that has this city in northern Peru.

Main Tourist Destinations in Peru
Machu Picchu
Puno - Lake Titicaca
Puerto Maldonado


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