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Iquitos is the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest. It is the capital of Loreto Region and Maynas Province.
Located on the Amazon River, it is only 106 m (348 ft) above sea level, although it is more than 3,000 km (1,864 mi) from the mouth of the Amazon at Belém (Brazil) on the Atlantic Ocean. It is situated 125 km (78 mi) downstream of the confluence of the Ucayali and Marañón rivers, the two main headwaters of the Amazon River. Iquitos has long been a major port in the Amazon Basin. It is surrounded by three rivers: the Nanay, the Itaya, and the Amazon.

The climate is hot and humid, with an average relative humidity of 85%. The wet season lasts from around November to May, with the river reaching its highest point in May. The river is at its lowest in October.

For travelers, Iquitos offers a vast selection of activities not found elsewhere in Peru, such as Amazon boat rides and great wildlife viewing. One way to see Peru is to visit the 3 areas - Costal, Andes, and Amazon -- and Iquitos is the best way to see the Amazon.



Explorama Lodges began operation in 1964 and since this time the company has always felt an obligation to purchase and maintain primary virgin rainforest reserves near each of its Lodges. All original managers and stockholders of Explorama had been high school or university teachers prior to starting the company and this has always given the enterprise a strong emphasis on education about the rainforest, for employees, our guests, and the local ribereños or river people.


Package Tours Price per person
based on double occupancy
Duration Highlights
Ceiba Tops 2 days 2 days and 1 night Ceiba Tops, canopy walkway
Canopy Walkaway Weekend Special 3 Days and 2 nights ExplorNapo Lodge
Ceiba Tops 3 days 3 days and 2 nights Ceiba Tops
Canopy Walkway & Ceiba Tops 4 days and 3 nights Canopy walkway
Explorama Lodge & ExplorNapo 4 days and 3 nights Explorama Lodge, ExplorNapo
Ceiba Tops & Canopy Walkway Special 5 days and 4 nights Ceiba Tops, canopy walkway
ExplorNapo Lodge Basic Program 5 days and 4 nights ExplorNapo Lodge
Special - Explorama Lodge, CanopyWalkway
& Ceiba Tops Excursion
5 days and 4 nights Iquitos, explorama Lodge, Canopy Walkway, Ceiba Tops,
Full Week Combination Program 7 Days and 6nights Full week
Birdwatching Holidays 8 days and 7 nights Birdwatching
from US$335

Located along the right bank of the Amazon River-20 miles from the city of Iquitos, the circuit requires an hour to reach the hostel by fast boat.
Its primary facilities in line with nature are protected and prevent entry of insects, which have been designed to provide the necessary comfort to our visitors in direct contact with nature, lighting at night with kerosene lamps and night tours , battery lanterns. We have reception room, dining room and bar where you can enjoy cold drinks, House hammocks for relaxation. House of crafts and games room, 20 rooms including doubles, triples and quads all with standard bathroom connected by a passageway off the ground one meter in height.
Visit Belem houseboats.
Trekking through the jungle knowing flora and fauna.
Canoe-night excursion Ability to observe caimans.
Night walk.
Observing insects, spiders, frogs and the myriad sounds of the jungle
Birdwatching in their habitat.
Recreational fishing of piranhas and other species.
Dolphin watching gray and pink river
Visit the native group Yagua .- Clothing, dialect, crafts, lifestyle.
Visit a coastal village-farmers.
Visit a private project of preserving Apes. (Only parrot tour)
Canoe by a black water tributary - Landscapes-walks.
Water lilac observation World's Largest-Victoria Amazonica


Package Tours Price per person
based on double occupancy
Duration Highlights
Dolphin Package 2 Days 1 Nights Tour 2 days and 1 nights Iquitos, Cumaceba Lodge, Birdwatching
Toucan 3 Days 2 Nights Tour 3 days and 2 nights Iquitos, Cumaceba Lodge,tour by the Amazon river
Papagayo 4 Days 3 Nights Tour 4 days and 3 nights Iquitos, Cumaceba Lodge
Iguana 5 Days 4 Nights Tour 5 days and 4 nights Iquitos, Cumaceba Lodge, Monkey Island

From the hot city of Iquitos, located at edge of the majestic Amazon river, Our pleasure present a new alternative to get to know the majesties of tropical Amazon jungle.
At there you will find different ecological and shamanistic programs depending on your personal itinerary in the jungle
Our lodge have private bungalow natural material that will give to you the needed comfort during your stay.
We have the privilege to navigate on the water of the majestic Amazon river, the longest and most tumultuous river in the world and his tributaries.
Our quality personal can show the variety of medicinal plants there are in Amazon jungle, where use the river side people and the natives, including the mystic and hallucinogenic ayahuasca.
Come with us to share this wonderful experiences, we wait for you, and will be welcome!

Excursion Caucho Express Tour ASK AVAILABILITY 2 days and 1 night Iquitos
Excursion Caoba Tour 3 days and 2 nights Iquitos, Ceiba, Lupuna, Yagua Tribe
Excursion Cedro Tour 4 days and 3 night Iquitos, Ceiba, Lupuna, Amazon, Napo
Excursion Mohena Tour 4 days and 3 nights Iquitos, Ceiba, Lupuna, Napo River

Our tours are within Samiria National Reserve, located in the department of Loreto, which was created with the objective of conserving representative ecosystems of the forest and preserve their genetic diversity, protecting flora and fauna species in other areas of the Amazon have disappeared. For its size is the largest, the second of the Amazon Basin and the fourth in South America. The reserve is home to 102 mammal species, 449 bird species, among others.
Pacaya Samiria Amazon jungle expeditions Lodge provides primary, pink dolphin, mammal and bird watching, night excursions in search of lizards and nocturnal species, visit the confluence of the Ucayali and Maranon rivers, where the river Amazon, visits riparian communities, encouraging their participation in tourism activities. We also offer programs for birders, including visits to the Allpahuayo Mishana, where endemic birds can be sighted.

Package Tours Price per person
based on double occupancy
Duration Highlights
Pacaya Samiria National Reserve ASK AVAILABILITY 3 days and 2 nights Iquitos Lodge, Pacaya Samiria, Riberbank Village
Pacaya Samiria Amazon 4 days ASK AVAILABILITY 4 days and 3 night Iquitos Lodge, Pacaya Samiria,Nauta Creek, Riberbank Village
Camping In A Bird'S Paradise 5 Days ASK AVAILABILITY 5 days and 4 nights Iquitos Lodge,Nauta Creek,Pacaya Samiria,
Pacaya Samiria National Reserve 6 days ASK AVAILABILITY 6 days and 5 nights Iquitos Lodge,Nauta Creek,Pacaya Samiria, Camping

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