When planning a vacation to Peru you may wish to include Peruvian holidays in your itinerary. There are Peruvian holidays and festivals throughout the year, with those in June and July in Cuzco being the most popular with tourists.
Among other holidays, Peru celebrates the widely known holidays like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Christmas and New Years, but most of the celebrations are for a particular saint. Most of these saints are a combination of Catholic and Andean religious traditions.
Peru celebrates some 3,000 festivals a year. These are some of the most vibrant in the Americas and a highlight of virtually any visit.
The festivals in Peru have different motives. Some are religious celebrations honoring Christ, the Virgin Mary and the patron saints. In these are solemn processions like the Holy week in Ayacucho or the procession of the Lord of the Miracles in Lima. Other motives are celebrations for the harvests, the spring season and the carnivals.
In rural areas of the country, where life can be extremely difficult and poverty is widespread, these festivals are appropriate escapes for many Peruvians to enjoy. The food is abundant as well as the alcoholic drinks, usually chicha, a drink made from fermented maize. It is amazing the variety of intrincated handmade costumes as well as the impressive masks exhibiting in some festivals.
Peru is a wonderful holiday destination that can offer a wide range of activities, places and entertainment to suit your personal taste. For example if you are looking for an adventure holiday then Peru would be an excellent choice as it can offer a wide range of activities from trekking in the Andes to cruises along the Amazon river.
Check our Peru Holidays packages, Peru has several festivals due to it is a multicultural country and are held throughout the Peruvian territory, including their festivals are religious ceremonies, festivals and local events.

the procession of the Lord of the Miracles in Lima

CALENDAR, click on the below link to find out a complete description of all the celebrations on each month of the year

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