Peru feast day and holidays on September


When Where Description

1st week


Peruvian Stepping Horse Departmental Contest, Mamacona, Lurin.

8 to 14 Junin Festivity of the Virgin of Cocharcas. They worship the Virgin of Cocharcas Patroness of all Mantaro Valley, at 9 Kms from Huancayo in the district of Sapallanga. This worship offers the visitors an impressive variation of folklore shows, such as group of dancers richly dressed, popular fairs, bullfights, etc.
9 to 16 Junin Tourist Week in Huancayo. Cultural and artistic activities. Artisan fair with representatives of all over the region. Selection and crowning of Miss Tourism. Guided circuits.
2nd week Ica Pisco’s Feast. Commemorating General San Martin’s landing at Paracas Bay, the province of Pisco celebrates the Liberating Expedition arrival. Handicraft fairs, popular fairs, and parades are carried out.
14 Lambayeque The Captive Lord of Monsefu. Most important day of a big celebration (August 31 to September 30); it’s the worship to a chained Christ so He doesn’t leave them (He came inside a coffin floating to their beaches due to a shipwreck).
22 to 25 Puno "Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes" Feast, Juliaca. Religious feast in honor of the Juliaca’s town Saint Patroness. The most great commercial Departmental Fair. Religious folk acts.
4th week Ancash Tourist Week in Ancash. Cultural and artistic activities, folk groups contest, food and beverages, artisans fair.
4th week Huancavelica Tourist Week of Huancavelica. Civic, folkloric and sports celebrations. Great agricultural and crafts fair. Queen’s election.
4th week Ica

Ica Tourist Week. Activities of tourist interest carried out, guided tours. Fair of wine-derived products, cultural and recreational activities. Great popular vervain.

4th week La Libertad International Spring Festival. Trujillo becomes the capital of joy, music and songs. With the participation of beauty queens from America and Europe. Spectacular Queens’ parade precede by beautiful entertainers from North America. Varied program includes folk show, dance contest, regional contest of Peruvian Stepping Horses, "caballitos de Totora" (small embarkations made with straw) contest at the beach, song festival, bullfights, etc.

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