Peru festivals, celebrations and festivities on August


When Where Description
1 to 15 Amazonas Vigin Asunta. Solemn worship, which main day is on August 15. Departmental Handicraft Fair Social, cultural and recreative activities. Folk demonstrations.

3 to 7


Motupe Holy Cross Regional Festivity.

4 Huancavelica

Anniversary celebration. The San Cristobal hot-spring waters re in the surroundings.

5 Ancash Feast of "Virgen de las Nieves" – Foundation of Sihuas.
5 Ayacucho "Virgen de las Nieves" Feast. With the best folk expressions, Cora Cora celebrates its Town Patroness, stand out the "Negritos" dance, the "Diablada ", and the "Baile de las Tijeras" (Scissors Dance).
5 to 12 Cajamarca Cajamarca’s Tourist Week. Activities of tourist interest. Election and crowning of Miss Tourism. Latin American music, folklore and Peruvian Movie Festival, Pre-Columbian ceramic exhibitions.
5 to 15 Loreto Tourist Week and Patronal Feast of the "Virgen de las Nieves" – Yurimaguas.
6 Junin Anniversary of the Glorious Battle of Junin for Peru and America Independence, Civic-Military ceremony at the foot of the monument in Junin Pampa. Popular fairs.

11 to 17


Huanuco Tourist Week. It coincides with the Anniversary of Huanuco’s Spanish Foundation. Great agricultural and handicraft fair.

15 Apurimac Virgin of the Assumption in Cotabambas. The feast is celebrated with street dancers and bullfights with the condor at the back like the "Yawar Feast".
15 Arequipa Arequipa’s Anniversary. The people of Arequipa joyfully celebrates its Spanish establishment anniversary. Artistic embassies of various Latin American countries, just as many of Peru’s town go to "White City" in order to pay homage with its magnificent spectacle called "Festidanza" (Dance Festival), a really international Folk Feast that enhances the celebrations. Other attractions: Typical bullfights, handicraft fairs; allegoric cars and civic-military parade. The festivities last all the month.
15 to 31 San Martin Tarapoto Jubilee and Tourist Week, Lamas. With great enthusiasm Tarapoto celebrates its jubilee feast with social, sports and folk activities. It is a good opportunity for visiting this beautiful city and enjoy its hospitality, commodities and taste the typical food and drinks.
24 to 31 Ayacucho Ayacucho Tourist Week. Tourist activities: guided visits by the city, archeologic zone Wari-Quinua (Handicraftsmen town). Folk expressions, social and sports events. The craftsmanship of Ayacucho is worldwide known: silver filigree, retable, engraved mates, huamanga-stone figures, etc.
25 Cusco Warichacuy. Evocation and giant staging of the "Wara" Incan imposing ritual, male garment that symbols the transit of puberty to the adult age. Five thousand young people, showing multicolored Incan clothes represent several ability trials and physical skills. Sensational scenery at the Sacsayhuaman esplanade.
25 to 30 Pasco Oxapampa Tourist Week. Saint Rosa de Lima celebration, Oxapampa Patroness. Popular fairs and dances. Ribbon tourney. Tyrolese dances. Blade fighting Cock Competition. Kermesses, typical food.
25 to 30 Tacna Tacna’s Reincorporation Anniversary. Intense patriotic festivity carried out with the moving participation of Tacna’s town. The main activities are: The Youth offering, the Flag’s parade and the civic-military parade. As the event attractions: Agricultural, Industrial, and Handicraft Fairs. Folks Festival with National and foreign groups. Theater festival. Tourist photography exhibition. Central day: August 28th.
28 to 29 Tacna Regional Contest of the Peruvian "Caballos de
Paso", Tacna.
29 Cajamarca Rescue Room. The Inca Atahualpa after captured contributes with a huge rescue (two rooms full of silver and one room full of gold); notwithstanding this, he is executed finishing the Inca Empire (Tahuantinsuyo 1533).
29 Junin In the town of Carhuamayo, the death of the Inca Atahualpa is staged (Tamboy drama).
30 Ancash Patronal Feast of Saint Rosa – Pallasca. Religious celebration in honor of Saint Rosa de Lima; music and dancers band, fireworks, bullfights, Handicraft and Product Fairs.
30 Junin

Celebration of the Feast of Saint Rosa of Ocopa.

30 Lima Saint Rosa of Lima. Religious ceremonies in honor of the America and Philippines Saint Patroness. Pilgrimage to her Quives Sanctuary.
Last week Lima Cañete Tourist Week. Black Art Festival.
Cañete organizes the "Ritmo and Festejo" conquest, with the election of queens and a great Negro folklore show, that coincides with the tourist week celebration.
Last week Piura National Tondero Contest. Typical dance of Piura. Congregates a lot of couples that contend for a beautiful trophy, a real feast of grace and northern colored.

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