When Where Description
2 to 16 Ica “Señor de Luren” Festivity. Religious worship in honor of the Ica Patron. The central day is on the 17th. Procession with the “Señor de Luren” Image  with the attendance of thousands of pilgrims. Popular fair.
1st week Piura Piura Tourist Week. The Miguel Grau homage week, coincides with Piura’s tourist week. Miss Tourism election, aquatic competitions, hunting and underwater fishing championships. Parades.
1st week Lima Lunahuana, The Medlar Festival. Adventure sports competitions, rafting, kayak, mounting cycling, para-gliding, popular marathon, rock concerts and typical food.
2nd week Piura Regional contest of the Peruvian “Caballos de Paso”.
7 to 14 Pasco Villa Rica’s Tourist Week. The “Coffee Queen” election and crowning. “Cintas” (Bands) tournament with the participation of zone horsemen, cockfights, agricultural and industrial fairs, social dances.
13 to 19 Huanuco Tingo Maria’s Tourist Week. Handicrafts exhibition of jungle products. Agricultural fair, queens parades, popular dances, folk dancers.
13 to 21 Ucayali Political anniversary of the Pucallpa’s Foundation. With several public-spirited and popular activities, Pucallpa celebrates its anniversary.
14 Moquegua Saint Fortunata Festivity. Moquegua venerates this Saint since October of 1976, when her holy body was brought to this place by Brother Tadeo Ocampo. The festivities give rise to religious and folk demonstrations, as well as, to popular fairs and fireworks.
18 to 28 Lima “Señor de los Milagros” Festivity. The devotion to the “Señor de los Milagros” is deeply rooted in the native spirit. The original image was painted on a wall by a black slave in 1650. Since 1746 a painted canvas goes out in procession followed by a multitudinous crowd of devotees in purple habits. At present, the wooden portable platform completely covered with silver and gold, weights more than a ton and is carried out on shoulders on the streets of Lima by the loaders of the “Pachacamilla Christ Brotherhood”, and is followed by thousands of people.
4th week Ica Tourist Week of Chincha. Artistic and entertainment activities. Agricultural fair, a queen election, allegoric parade.
28 to 30 Huanuco “Señor de Burgos” Feast King and Patron of Huanuco. It is celebrated with tremendous processions with the attendance of all Catholic devotees.
31 Lima National day of the “Canción Criolla” (Native Song). This date is celebrated with native waltzes, polkas, Creole music, marinera, etc. in night clubs and tourist Restaurants, in Lima districts as Barranco, La Victoria, Rimac, Miraflores and Barrios Altos.
Moveable Lima Great Taurine Fair. Each Sunday continues the Bullfighting Fair in the “Plaza de Acho”, the oldest in America and the second one in the world after bullring of Seville. The best bullfighters come together and compete for the “Golden Scapulary of the Señor de los Milagros”, a worthy and prestigious trophy. At the same time there are folk shows of the three regions of the country.

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