Huascaran National Park


The Huascaran National Park is a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO, in its beautiful surroundings protects wild species like condors, vicunas, deer, puma, Andean fox and viscacha. There are several entrances to the park, as the visitor’s interest, among which conventional tourism income from Llanganuco sector, where the gaps Chinancochy Orconcocha, and income from the Carpa sector that allows access to Pastoruri.
It is a large nature reserve where you can enjoy the beauty of the crystalline lagoons which blue, green and turquoise waters are mirrors that reflect the majesty of the mountains that surround them and where you can appreciate a great variety of flora and fauna. It is true gift of nature to our senses.
To enter must have a guide and travel agency accredited by the park’s headquarters and purchases a ticket at the office of that institution. It is identified seven different areas that contain a variety of microclimates. That sets up a variety of vegetation. 779 species have been detected high Andes, including 340 genera and 104 families. In this variety the plant family Bromeliaceae is represented by Puya (Puya Raimondi), a species that is characterized by the largest inflorescence in the world. Along with this plant variety are many wildlife species not yet sufficiently studied or inventoried. Some data suggest the existence of 112 species of birds from 33 families, such as the Andean condor, the duck of the torrent, and puna Partridge, among others. There are eight genera of ten species of mammals. Among the threatened species are the wild cat, the Andean cat, spectacled Andean bear and vicuna.
You can do ecotourism, wildlife watching, horseback riding, skiing, cycling, and archeology and guided ascents. Necessary information before visiting the Huascaran National Park, at the headquarters located in Huaraz, about the current regulations for tourism, entrance fees and others because they already have since July 2005 with a tourist Use Regulation Recreation and tourism to have a more ordered within the protected Area. Visitors need to understand that the payment is done in natural areas is a non-consumptive use of the landscape and these funds are earmarked for the conservation of natural areas of Peru.

Huascaran National Park

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