the Archaeological site of Chavin  It was the capital of the Chavin culture. that is located in the province of Huari. The site has an elevation of 3,177 meters above sea level in the Eastern highlands of Ancash, east of the Cordillera Blanca.

The building has a complex network of roads and stone interior galleries lit only by shafts of light penetrating through strategically placed ducts. Inside you can see the Lanzon Monolithic, carved stone of 5.53 m., you can observe anthropomorphic deities, and the Heads, sentinel species embedded in the walls of the building. On January 17, 1945, a flood covered and damaged structures, which were partially excavated since 1966. Recent research excavations in the center of the Plaza Square, gave evidence of ceremonial burial permits to find the old Mosna River, which means that the course of it, was diverted to allow the construction of the square

Chavin has an ornate art leaves no spaces and representations are severe, rigid, symbolic and breathtaking in its expression. The stone monuments are designed embossed or engraved. The domestic crockery and other resource consumption did not differ from those used in temples for ritual purposes, except for a few select pieces. Originally, Chavin was a center of worship and temples were sacred. Apparently, the site was carefully selected under strict criteria magical-religious because there are more productive nearby valleys, even considering the use of its slopes cultivated rainfed terraces. The people of Chavín were a few priests and their assistants of service, while most of its users were a lot of pilgrims who came to the place in search of “oracles”, carrying offerings of various kinds, which could remains for long periods.

Only part of the architecture has been preserved because of its monumentality. The ceremonial center had at its core this monumental sector. The structures have been built entirely of stone, many white granite quarries which are located in the vicinity of the tunnel Kawish, to more than 30km away.

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