*Virgen Chiquinquirá. January from 18 to 21, in Huaylas (Caraz). Patronal feast traditional in which people do different activities like religious, social, cultural, sports, festivals, fairs, marching bands and fireworks.

*Huaracino Carnival. February / March in Huaraz. Event Tourism, presenting parades, parades of floats, the entry of Ño Carnavalón, cortamontes in all neighborhoods.

*Easter in Huaraz and the Callejon de Huaylas: March / April, in Huaraz. Traditional festival of popular support, since years immemorial, various processions are reminiscent of the Passion and Death of Jesus Christ for eight days
*May Festival (Lord of Solitude). May from 2 to 10, in Huaraz. Festivity of the city of Huaraz, with cultural events (dance festival), fireworks, parades, sports Tour also performed.
*Tourism Week San Pedrito. June 29, in Chimbote. Patronal and traditional feast of Chimbote with fairs, contests and tourist activities. People pray to the saint patron for the continued prosperity of the fishing. The ceviche is the traditional dish of wide acceptance by visitors
*Adventure Festival (Before Week of Mountaineering) Huaraz, Callejon de Huaylas. From 28 June to 01 July. Huaraz – Callejon de Huaylas. Organized by CARETUR Ancash, Regional Direction Trade and Tourism (Dircetur Ancash). Characterized by international competitions: Climbingon Ice, canoeing and Food Festival
Craft, Mystical tourism, Cross Country, Mountain Biking, Bike ride, palestra demonstration, exhibit dry tooling, Trekking Triathlon, Free Ride competition, etc.
*San Juan Bautista. July 22 to 24, in Pomabamba. Traditional Festivity, social religious activities, fireworks, a band of musicians.
*Virgen Santa Isabel. July 6 to 9, in Huaylas. Patronal festivity with religious and cultural activities and folklore.
*Tourism Festival “Millennium Chavin and Mystic.” July 15 to 20. Huari (Chavin). Festivity of Chavin with socio-cultural tourism activities.
*Casma Tourism Week – Virgin Mary Magdalen. July 17 to 22, in Casma. The festival is celebrated with great devotion and is accompanied by display of products, cooking contests and burning castles.
*Anniversary of the provinces of Huaylas and Huaraz – Ancash Regional Fair. July 20 to 31. Huaraz – Huaylas. Civic Week of Huaraz and Huaylas (Caraz) with fairs, sporting and other various tourist events.

*Virgen de la Asunción. August 13 to 16. Huaylas. Festivity with religious activities, processions, fireworks, a band of musicians.

*Virgen de la Asunción. August 13 to 16. Huaylas. Festivity with religious activities, processions, fireworks, a band of musicians.
*Santa Rosa. August 29 to 30. Bolognesi (Chiquián). Festivity with religious activities, processions, vespers with fireworks, shows, dances and band of musicians.
*Recuay Tourism Week. September 14 to 18. In Recuay. Traditional Festivity, religious activities, fairs, socio-cultural, bullfighting afternoons, etc.
*Carhuaz Tourism Week – Our Lady of Mercy. September 23 to 27. Carhuaz. Festivity with religious activities, fairs, socio-cultural, sports, evening bullfights, fireworks, a band of musicians, dance and folklore groups.
*Virgen Del Rosario. 1st Sunday of October. In Huarmey. Festivity that demonstrates the devotion of the people, traditional food. The festival starts one day before the first Sunday in October, is celebrated with processions, fireworks.
*Yungay Tourism Week – Civic Party. October 25 to 30. Yungay. Most important festive event, are held street parties, parades, competitions, exhibitions, sports and civic activities.
*Huarmey Tourism Week. December 10 to 17. Huarmey. Festivity with fair activities, Religious Tourism.

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