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Rainforest Weather

The rainforest weather is mostly hot and humid. The average temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and 77 degrees F. the Rainforest do not have the tendency to dip below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees F)

The rainfall can reach a minimum of 1.8m (6ft) or it can get as a maximum of 9.0 (30ft) of rain at the year. All about the rainforest is the rain. There is no dry season in the rainforest. In case there are some period of dry season is for sure that it will not last long.

Climate / Effect
The long term effect of the sun's radiation on the earth's turning VARIED atmosphere or it can be Different Explained in terms of annual Easiest of temperature and precipitation (rain). Each month 100 mm (4inches) of rain, rainfall usually never escapes the rainforest environment. By the equator gets tons of sunlight.

Amazon Rainforest
The climate is typically tropical on the Amazon rainforest, which is also called equatorial climate, reaching about 12 degrees north and south of the line of Ecuador
Like all tropical climate is characterized by hot and humid all year round. The average annual temperature in the 27 C (80.7 F).

There is no difference between summer and winter there, or at least not pronounced, the annual temperature range is 2 C approximately.
In fact, the difference between day and night temperatures - 2 to 5 C - is superior to the difference between the stations.

Actually the climate of the Amazon rainforest has no dry season, because it rains all year round. What we do find is a rainy season and a less rainy, ranging from 60-180 inches 30-100 inches of annual precipitation.

The ideal time to visit is perhaps is between March and June, the transition time in which you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Peruvian rainforest

The Peruvian Amazon is divided into two distinct ecoregions:

Selva Baja (Down forest), also known by the name of the Omagua region, This ecoregion is the largest of Peru due to is raised from 80 to 400 msnm . It has a very warm climate; its average temperature is 28 C, high relative humidity (over 75%) and plenty of rainfalls.

Selva Alta (high forest) is also called rupa-rupa, jungle or Rainforest Mountain high. This ecoregion extends along the eastern foothills of the Andes mountain range Between 400 to 1000 msnm. Its temperatures are in the lower quality especially at the largest height.

The forest also counts with a variable climate:

Temperate rainforest. Located on the eastern slopes of the Andes. Abundant rainfall in summer.

Warm humid climate. It covers the area north of latitude 12 south latitude, Iquitos is the reference point-and that has high rainfall over 2,500 mm annually, and high temperatures (25 C from January to September and 33 C or more from October to December).

Semi warm periodically wet weather. It lies south of that parallel, especially in Madre De Dios. It has an average annual rainfall of 2,000 mm and temperatures of 24 C to 25 C with maximum temperatures between 33 C and minimum 16 C. This minimum temperature may fall in the months of May through September, when burst at the region, the winds of the South Atlantic anticyclone.
Similar to the mountain, the forest has two seasons, dry season from May to October and rainy from November to April.

*In the dry season the weather is very warm day and night.
*The rainy season the humidity goes up but the nights are cool.

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