Tourist Attractions of Puerto Maldonado



Tampopata- Candamo National Reserve
The Tambopata National Reserve is Located at the confluence of the rivers La Torre and Tambopata, with an area of 5,500 hectares of virgin forest. Noted for its richness and variety of birds (about 600 species), butterflies (900 species) and dragonflies (115 species).

Mouse Possum – Tambopata Reserve

Colpa de Guacamayos de Colorado
Is located to 150 km from the city of Puerto Maldonado (around 8 hours by boat) is located in the Tambopata National Reserve, to the left bank of Tambopata river. He is recognized as the largest clay lick in the Peruvian Amazon. Go there every morning, five species of macaws, parrots and parakeets. The birds peck flit before the clay of the cliff and after 25 to 30 minutes, leave to return the next day. Occasionally, also come tapir, capybara and squirrels in the treetops you can see several species of monkeys like the red howler, capuchin, marmoset and occasionally maquisapas. The scientists explain that this behavior is that the clay helps to counteract the toxins of unripe fruits of which they feed.

Colpa de Guacamayos

National Sanctuary Pampas del Heath
The National Sanctuary Pampas del Heath was declared a protected natural area in 1983.Covers an area of 102,109 hectares. It is reached by sailing through the river Madre de Dios. The journey from the city of Puerto Maldonado can last up to two and a half days by canoe, in which travel about 150 miles. Currently, this sanctuary has joined the Bahuaja Sonene (Ese’eja names of the rivers Tambopata and Heath, respectively).
National Park of Bahuaja- Sonene
90 km from the city of Puerto Maldonado (5 hours by boat) was established to protect the only humid tropical savannah in Peru. The Bahuaja Sonene is among the departments of Madre de Dios and Puno, in the provinces of Tambopata, Carabaya and Sandia.
It covers an area of 1,091,416 hectares and continues to the Republic of Bolivia. Among the most important animals in the area include the maned wolf, the marsh deer, giant anteater, giant river or giant otter, wild dog, the black caiman and the harpy eagle.
Nacional Reserve of Manu
It is Well recognized by UNESCO in March 1973. It covers an area of 1’881, 200 hectares. This consists of three areas: Manu National Park (1’532, 806 hectares), an intangible; The Reserved Zone (257,000 hectares) for tourism, and Bajo Manu (91,394 hectares) zone inhabited by human groups. They appreciate beautiful lakes such as Valencia, Copa Manu, Sandoval, La Pastora, Tambopata, Madre de Dios, Cocococha, Three Chimbadas, also are Manu rivers, Tambopata, Madre de Dios, La Torre, Manuripe, Las Piedras and Tahuamanu.
The reserve is an ecosystem that has evolved unchanged for thousands of years, with one of the largest varieties of flora and fauna of the world, estimated at over a thousand birds total bird species in the park and over 200 mammals. Plants vary between 2 000 and 3 000 their species, considering that there is a 10% unknown to science.
To enter the reserve is necessary to apply for approval to the National Park Service and to visit is required to have at least a week.

Manu River National Park

Valencia Lake
This lake is Located 60 kilometers and four hours by motor boat from Puerto Maldonado.On the way, along the Madre de Dios River, we can see gold diggers, the native settlement of Huarayos and flora and fauna. At the lake you can fish sea bass, golden maidens, among others. The main native communities are Amaralari, Arasaeri, Kisambaeri, Pukirieri, Sapiteri, Toyoeri, Wachipari, Arawak, Machiguenga and Piro-Mashko.

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