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Peru Travel Visa

It is important to know about Peru Travel Visa, that is why we give the most important information. For Travel to Peru you have to check first the documentation you will need to have for travel, you have to visit the Peruvian Consulate prior your departure to obtain the information of any documentation you will be required. Postal visa applications are not accepted unless submitted through a travel agency. Australian, British, Canadian, USA, may stay in Peru for a maximum of 183 days without a visa; other countries have to check with the embassy. To enter to Peru, a valid passport is required; the yellow fever vaccination certificate is recommended by the Peruvian government, but is not required. A business visa is required for all nationals if the purpose of the visit is business. Upon arrival in Peru, the business visa holder must register at the Direccion General de Contribuciones for taxation purposes.

Documents required entering to Peru:

Documents for citizens of the Can-Mercosur: if a citizen or resident of the countries comprising the Andean Community and MERCOSUR, may enter to Peru only showing your passport or a national identification documents valid and in force in their country of residence.

CAN (Andean community of nations)
* Bolivia
Single National Registration Card
Registration Card National ID
Foreign Resident Card in the country.
Identity Card
Passport sheet

* Colombia
Certificate of citizenship for over 18 years
Birth Certificate for children under 7 years
Identity card for children between 7 and 18 years
To foreign residents:
Foreign Card for over 18 years
Foreign Card for children under 18 years and over 7 years (foreign children under 7 years are identified with their passport)

* Ecuador
Citizenship card for Ecuadorians
Identity Card for Foreign Residents

MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market)

* Argentina
Identity Card issued by the Federal Police
National Identity
Enrollment Book
Civic Book

* Brazil
Identity Card issued by each State of the Federation nationally valid
Identity Card for foreigners issued by the Federal Police

* Paraguay, Uruguay and associated (Bolivia and Chile)
Identity Card

For entry into Peru, all foreign must carry their passport with the visa (if applicable). In the case of animals, pets are considered only to dogs and cats, which can enter Peru by presenting documents that certify the good health of the animal, vaccinations and deparasitations issued by the competent authority of the country they come from.

In Peru is required vaccination certificate for yellow fever only when coming from infected countries in Africa and the Americas. Vaccines recommended visiting the country:
Chickenpox: Recommended for travelers who have never had chickenpox. It is recommended for the whole country.
Hepatitis A: All passengers. The whole country
Hepatitis B: For all travelers who will have a long contact with local people. Recommended for Amazonas, Loreto, Ucayali, San Martin, Junin, Madre de Dios.
Yellow Fever: For travelers in areas of forest below 2 300 meters. Vaccinate at least 10 days before the visit. Recommended for Amazonas, Loreto, Ucayali, San Martin, Junin, Madre de Dios.

Visa Requirements:

Central America and the Caribbean
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Republica dominicana

* The rest f the countries do not need visa for tourism
*All the countries need visa for businesses

North America
*None of them need visa for tourism
* All the countries need visa for businesses

South America
*None of them need visa for tourism.
* Only Brazil needs visa for businesses, the rest do not need

*Only Republic of South Africa doesn’t need visa for tourism, the rest need visa.
*All the countries need visa for businesses

Brunel Darussalam
Hong Kong
Republic of Corea

*The rest f the countries need visa for tourism.
*Only Indonesia doesn’t need visa for businesses, the rest need visa.


*The rest of countries doesn’t need visa for tourism.
*All the countries need visa for businesses

*All the countries do not need visa for tourism
*All the countries need visa for businesses


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