Peruvian gastronomy has become in a worldwide boom, due to that offers a variety of exquisite dishes, as a proof of that is the fact of be the country with more typical dishes of the world. Nowadays there are many restaurants in Peru that offer an extend variety of dishes.
Peruvian Cuisine is considered one of the most varied and richest in the world Thanks to the combination of a pre Inca, Spanish, African, Chino-Cantonese, Japanese and even Italian influence.
Peruvian cuisine is considered one of the most varied and richest in the world. Thanks to inheritance pre Inca Inca and Spanish immigrants, African, Chino-Cantonese, Japanese and Italian mainly to the nineteenth century, together, mixing and criolla cuisine and exquisite flavors of four continents, providing a unique and impressive variety of dishes typical Peruvian cuisine is constantly changing, impossible to enumerate in full. It is not enough to say that only in the Peruvian coast, there are over two thousand different soups.
It is common knowledge around the world that Peruvian cuisine has already found a place within the world’s most recognized. Any person who makes tourism in Peru, it is immediately captured by the rich local cuisine, and if you are a gourmet, always look for an excuse to go back and enjoy a new flavor for your palate.
The Peruvian cuisine is a fusion of the way the Spanish cook with that of the native Peruvians. Commodities such as potatoes, corn, peanuts, peppers, and seafood from our sea, dating back to the Inca Empire, which flourished in the Andes for thousands of years. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the 16th century, brought with them European style desserts and other ingredients such as chicken, beef and citrus fruits. Later immigrants arrived Africans, Italians, Chinese and Japanese that helped create a tasty meal that is eaten so far in homes and Peruvian restaurants.
There are a wide range of sophisticated or economical restaurants around the country even with a impressive view of the pacific ocean, where you can taste this mixed of flavors coming from its 3 regions, each of them with fabulous recipes.
Any person who makes tourism in Peru, it is immediately captured by the rich local cuisine, and if you are a gourmet, will always look for a perfect excuse to go back and enjoy of this culinary art. Do not miss it!

This is a list of restaurants of Peru.

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