At the following list there is selection of restaurants recommended by the travelers

Restaurant Nazca

El Porton Restaurant

Cuisine: Regional and international food
Offers: service buffet, barbecue, shows live music, secure parking.
Address: Ignacio Morsesky 120, Ica Nazca

El Abra Restaurant

Cuisine: diverse regional food and a
Offers: the most varied dishes with a bread and Pisco sour (Peruvian famous drink) as welcome.
Address: Street Callao Nº307 Nazca-Dpto Ica

La Encantada Restaurant.

Cuisine: Seafood & Grill
Offers: function as a disco by nights, serving a variety of Fish and seafood, grills, exotic drinks.
Address: Callao 592, Nazca, Perú

Restaurants in Ica

Restaurant eco turístico el encanto de la Huerta

Cuisine: Regional and autochthonous food
Offers: autochthonous dishes style with a variety of liquors and drinking’s
Address: Fermín Tauguis Nº 347 Urb. San Miguel, Ica

Restaurant Anita

Cuisine: typical, Peruvian dishes.
Offers: typical dishes, with the most delicious Peruvian desserts (Tejas, stuffed lemons)
Address: Street Libertad 133 Ica, Peru

Restaurant Venezia

Cuisine: Italian and international food
Offers: Pizzas, pastas and meats, and other menu items international. Their ice cream is very famous.
Address: Ave. San Martin 1229

Y Punto Restaurant

Cuisine: Italo-Peruvian, Mediterranean food)
Address: Ave. Conde de Nieva 1266 | Urb. Santa Elena Ica, Perú

Don Fernando restaurant

Cuisine: Peruvian Gourmet
Offers: typical e international food.
Address: Ave. San Martín 1202 (Calle Las Orquídeas), Ica

La olla De Juanita Restaurant.

Cuisine: Peruvian food
Offers: Rustic environment with wide selection of Peruvian dishes. Elaborated wines and pisco.
Address: Fundo tres Esquinas – Distrito de Subtanjalla – ICA

Restaurants Paracas

La Bahía restaurant.

Cuisine: seafood an typical dishes
Offers: A Rustic restaurant serving good ceviche. (Entrances, tiraditos, fried fish)
Address: Boulevard el Chaco, Ica Paracas

El Delfín Dorado Restaurant

Cuisine: Seafood
Offers: an elegant environment at the front beach.
Address: Alan Garcia Pérez LT 2 –Paracas, Peru

El Che restaurant

Cuisine: Seafood
Offers: The best dishes made from fish and seafood in a friendly atmosphere and with an ocean view
Address: Playa Lagunillas S/N Paracas, Peru

El Chorito Restaurant

Cuisine: Seafood
Offers: delicious dishes to suit the client with seafood specialties.
Address: Av. Paracas s/n Malecón de El Chaco, Paracas, Peru

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