JANUARY 20TH – FEBRUARY 20TH – National Contest of Marinera
Northern Marinera is a dance very dynamic, with elegant movements and a complex choreography. The couples flirt when waving his white handkerchief in the air with his right hand, which is used to keep up. This dance is rooted deeply in La Libertad, and this is the reason why the contest is held each year, has become one the most important events in the department. Couples and academies across the country participate in this contest. A queen is chosen and the best couple and best traditional dress are rewarded. This event brings together many Peruvian and foreign tourists. It is the best, really, to get to enjoy this beautiful dance. The competition takes place at the Gran Chimú Coliseum Trujillo.

MARCH 27TH to 30TH (dates subject to change)
National Surfing Championship (Malabrigo)
This is held every year in the port of Malabrigo. It is one of the main events during Holy Week attracts surfers from around Peru and outside. This competition features the surfing of the highest wave in the world, in addition, there are also races and Body Board Long Board.
MAY 5TH to 15TH Feast of Patron Saint Isidore, farmer (Moche)
Moche, a traditional Catholic people and has a festive mood, to honor the patron saint of Agriculture, through which people ask God for His grace and blessings for the land. During the Holy month of May is carried by the field and received by his followers grown on. On the eve art is a cultural show and fireworks display. On the main day, a mass is held, and is followed by a procession through the principal streets of the town, accompanied by a band of musicians.
JULY 26TH to 30TH Festival of the Sea (Huanchaco)
This is the main attraction of the resort of Huanchaco, presenting entertaining competitions in which fishermen demonstrate their skills and speed to sail their little horses of totora.
Fiesta de Santiago de Chuco ( All the month)
Each year in July Festival is a celebration of the Patron of the province of the same name, in honor of Santiago de Chuco. The festivities begin with a Mass in the early days of the month and they end with the ascension of the Apostle on August 2 every year, also on the eve of the festival, there is a serenade in honor of the patron and a colorful display of fireworks and social dances. The main days are 23, 24 and 25. Among the folk groups or masquerades, the pallos, the quiayas, the Negritos, the quadrilles, gypsies and the condor Quishpe stand out, since they add life to the festivities and color for their clothing.
SEPTEMBER 29TH Competition Caballo de Paso Peruano (Trujillo)
This competition is organized enTrujillo by the National Association of Breeders and Owners of Peruvian Paso horses. The Spanish horse, bred to the Arabian horse and raised in the coastal desert of Peru, that shaped the pace and style, giving rise to the Peruvian Paso Horse. For 300 years, the blood of this new breed has been improved, until he developed the characteristic that it has the most beautiful of its kind in the world.
September – Second Week of International Ballet Festival (Trujillo)
This classic dance brings together several ballet schools of Peru and Latin America in Trujillo, a renowned high quality festival.
September 20TH to October 4TH International Spring Festival (Trujillo)
The arrival of spring full of joy and happiness to the people of Trujillo. This is the reason that fill their homes with decorations and flowers and made a parade with the participation of international beauty queens.
December –1ST to 8TH Festival of the Virgen de la Puerta (Otuzco)
On this date, called by the people of Otuzco Day Day, the famous image of Our Lady of the Gate is taken after lowering of the altar while public prayers are offered and leaves his feet. Then, thousands of believers made a procession and celebrations in his honor.

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