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The Gastronomy in Trujillo is Tasty, unique,  with  an ancient tradition and very nutritious food.
Most of its food is Prepared based on fish, shellfish, seaweed, birds, livestock or products of the earth, are recorded in more than a hundred typical foods.
The names of the dishes are almost always original and even natives and their preparations full of the secret of a good cook.

Among the typical dishes of the region:
Cebiche: fillet of fish cut in chunks with lemon, onion and chili.
Cabrito con frijoles: Tender goat stew, marinated in chicha and vinegar beans seasoned with onion and garlic.
Shambar: wheat soup with pork skin and smoked ham, beans and chives. It is served with roasted corn (field). This is usually served on Mondays.
Sopa teologa: turkey broth and / or chicken with soaked bread, potatoes, milk and cheese.
Frejoles a la Trujillana: black beans with sesame and chili mirasol.
Pepián de pava: turkey stew with rice, ground corn, cilantro and chili.
Pescado a la Trujillana: steamed fish with egg sauce and onion.
If you come to Trujillo is a must to drink Chicha de jora and taste King Kong. The traditional beverage is known by locals as the doble colada, the melliceras, faique those that are easy to find because you can taste them in the different restaurants.
Among the deserts are the traditional king kong, custard, rice pudding, custard curd, icacos, guava , sweet lemon or cider, flan.
There are foods that for many years have long been expressed as the culinary point in Trujillo, between them is the mojo trujillano a rich stew made with egg, salt, cilantro, onion, garlic and bay jumble delight in making palate of those who consume it. It’s the most original, traditional and indigenous dish.
The mondongo is an adopted dish which is usually eaten on Sundays. Its preparation starts a day earlier as it gets to soak some ingredients as the belly, chick peas or corn. This dish is quite tasty but requires some rest at the end of the tasting. It also helps eliminate hangovers night.
Other soups that stand out are of grains, peas, lentils, beans, chicken soup or boiled beef or vegetables are traditional tasty foods but perhaps, the most famous and nutritious dish is the chicken stew also called “levantamuerto”, “restauradora”, “sacajumas”.

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