On January 2, 1857, during the government of Mariscal Ramon Castilla declares as Miraflores district. The oldest remains found in Miraflores belong to the culture Lima, 200-700 AD, during the colonial period these lands were distributed to the Spanish. During the sixteenth century the Viceroy Toledo, under his control, called the territories with the names of the patron saints a protector, choosing to San Miguel de Miraflores and the district was named like that. Years later the name of the city was shortened only by the Miraflores district being as skipper of the archangel Michael, in the oval Gutierrez is the statue of the Archangel. On January 15, 1881, during the Pacific War was fought the battle of Miraflores in this district.
Its northern borders the district of San Isidro, on the east by the districts of Surquillo and Santiago de Surco, south and west ravine by the Pacific Ocean in Costa Verde. Is one of most frequented the districts by tourists, you can find tourist attractions like the Larcomar Mall, the Huaca Pucllana, Miraflores Central Park, Museums, Paragliding flights over the cliffs among others. Also it has a large number of hotels from backpackers to 5 star hotels, beaches and piers with well-kept parks and a panoramic view of the bay of Chorrillos. Miraflores is now a safe and very important district of Peru for its great commercial, cultural and tourist activities. Restaurants offers national and international dishes, all these services are offered to all economic levels. For fun you can go to the theater, cinema or an art gallery, Miraflores has an active cultural life. The nightclubs and pubs are crowded, try our delicious Pisco Sour and enjoy rock, pop, electronic music, salsa and cumbia, the movement is spectacular on weekends.
A central route walkable is based on the Ovalo de Miraflores, which connects to the Central Park, here are the main church and the mayor’s office, the famous “Calle de las pizzas”, from the oval starts Avenue Larco, which is about 12 blocks, giving the Salazar Park, where there is a shopping and entertainment complex called “Larcomar”. On the way you will find numerous shops, banks, Internet Casinos, clothing, telephony, photography etc. Other places that have lots of movement are the Gutierrez oval located on the border with the district of San Isidro, where you will find very good alternatives to eat, drink, have fun, or just to go to the cinema.
You can walk the entire route of the cliffs, on the Malecon de la Reserva and El Malecon Armendariz. Also you can visit Love Park and Larcomar. In this area is practiced paragliding, you will fine instructors for this adventure if you dare to go to Miraflores from the air, another sport that you can practice is surfing y Costa Verde’s beaches.
If you are looking to buy crafts we recommend visiting the shops of handicrafts of Petit Thouars Avenue near the oval of Miraflores, where products different regions of the country are sold.
There are many social organizations own of the district. Among them, important Peruvian social clubs, the Tennis Club Las Terrazas, the Swiss Club, Club Waikiki and Social Club Miraflores.

Main Attractions

Huaca Pucllana

Huaca Pucllana is an archaeological site belonging to the Lima culture. It has become one of the main tourist attractions and the most investigated archaeological site. It is built almost entirely with bricks and filled with pebbles and sand. It consists of a pyramid of 25 meters and a series of courtyards, plazas and enclosures. It has an exhibition hall circuit visits and other attractions. It has six hectares. The name is of colonial origin Pucllana.
The Great Pyramid is staggered and has an elongated shape, oriented from southwest to northeast, the area is occupied by courtyards with painted yellow stepped structures, it is accessed to every level by ramps in zig – zag and passages. Due to the custom of constantly remodel the building, many walls and other architectural elements were destroyed by builders before work on the new architecture, and this makes some interpretation about space management. The pyramid should be the main building of the site, since it dominated the landscape and could control the population but also its religious function was the main, public spaces painted yellow; gathered important people that probably involved ceremonies to strengthen the bonds of cohesion and worship ancestors and deities worshiped by them. In the southernmost areas found burial elite characters, both adults and children. During the occupation of Culture Huari the upper parts of the pyramid were destroyed and turned into graveyard elite.

Central Park

Located in the heart of Miraflores, it has become a tourist attraction which is an obligatory stop for those seeking a place to relax. The central park is comprised of Kennedy Park and 7 June. In the first you will find food stalls step,. you can also appreciate the work of several artisans and painters. It also has a playground for children to exercise climbing, climbing ladders and sliding down the slides.
The second was remodeled and has the amphitheater ‘Chabuca Granda’, where groups of Creole music and folklore entertain the public. Opposite are the Church and the Municipality Miraflores district. Nearby you will find the Pizza Street, where a great number of restaurants specializing in Italian food.

The beaches

Some decades ago, appreciate the cliffs of Miraflores meant enjoying a beautiful landscape covered with pines. That’s the image that today the Municipality of Miraflores aims to recover and therefore started 600 of these trees planted along the Costa Verde, in the strip for the district.
Safety, cleanliness, hygiene and commissioning of an exclusive area for surfers, is what Miraflores offers vacationers beaches. Eight are the beaches that belong to Miraflores: Las Piedritas, La Estrella, Redondo, Makaha, Waikki, Pampilla, Punta Roquitas and Los Delfines.

Ricardo Palma Museum

The house where the famous writer lived Ricardo Palma, is a clear example of Miraflores architecture of the early twentieth century, the writer retains several objects like the bed where he spent his last days the pen with which he wrote his Peruvian Traditions. Are exhibited furniture and personal items, as well as first editions of his works, which allows have an idea of last days of the writer.
In the Museum is also exhibit newspaper clippings, awards and various documents in which they talk about his importance to Peruvian letters. Also on display is a selection of Peruvian Traditions copies translated into different languages.


Miraflores has become the capital of the paragliders and they have become an important part of the image of Miraflores.
Every day from noon they are seen cruising the air whether in sports or in cheap tourist flights for passengers of all ages and weights. The takeoff area is located on the Malecon Cisneros Park a few meters from the love park and security is guaranteed because the municipality keeps tight control over security measures.

Miraflores coast panorama

Huaca Pucllana

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