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Larcomar is located in Malecon de la Reserva 610 in the district of Miraflores. The Mall opened its doors on November 27, 1998, and occupy an area close to 45 thousand square meters. Larcomar has a privileged location on a cliff and offers a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. Here are the most complete range of restaurants, shops, food court, ice cream, video games, bowling, discos, bars and cinema.

The shops are divided into the following categories: Trade, services, bars and nightclubs, theaters, food court, restaurants and cafes. Among the major ones are UVK cinemas, Bowling, Bembos, KFC, the Plaza Isil, La Sala Museo Oro del Peru, Coney Park, Mango's, La Dama Juana Restaurant, Tony Roma's, Nu, Kuna, Peru Artcraft, Starbucks, Chili’s, discos Aura and Gotica, among other establishments such as restaurants, travel agency, gym, hairdresser and a whole section called" Fashion Mall” dedicated to fashion and the latest trends in Peru and the world.

Larcomar is visited by around 450,000 people on average per month, spread entertainment and cultural experiences through their showrooms, theater, and the best clubs in the country, upscale shops, restaurants and services complemented.


* Chili’s
* Friday’s
* Havanna
* La Bonbonniere
* Laritza D’
* La Vaca Loca
* Makoto Sushi Bar
* Mangos
* Pardo’s Chicken
* Pak Fok
* Portofino
* Sofa Cafe
* Starbucks
* Tony Roma’s
* Vivaldino
* Mama Batata Fun & Bar & Grill


* Plaza Isil Teather
* City Toys
* Coney Park
* Bowling Larcomar
* Moy Park



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