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The Inti Raymi (festival of the sun) It is a religious ceremony that takes place in the highlands every solstice of winter in honor to the Inti (sun deity) when the sun it is in a major distance of the earth. This famous festivity it is held at the end of June.

A the Incas Time

At the time of the Incas, The Intiraymi was one of the most important festivals celebrated in Cusco where participated generals, princes, governors and the Inca emperor himself, all finely dressed, holding their shields and their scepters.
In the darkness, the crowd waited with great respect and deep silence, the appearance of the sun god
The Inca priests and the people paid homage to the Sun God for the harvest thanked him and asked him again to fertilize the land and to continue to give comfort to the children of Tahuantinsuyo.
This game came on the sacred and the Inca Emperor offered to the sun also a llama was sacrificed and their internal organs were used to predict the future.
With the arrival of the Spanish festival was banned by the Catholic Church, and only returned to take place from 1942.


Today Inti Raymi is one of the largest festivals in all of South America. It is celebrated on June 24th of each year and is staged at the ruins of Sacsayhuaman just outside Cusco.
The celebration is held in the fortress of Sacsayhuaman and represents the ceremony as he would have developed in the Inca state, but now at the eyes of thousands of tourists who travel to Cusco and
Participants wear feathers, scarves, masks and carry spears. Form figures in rhythmic jumping, shouting in praise of the sun, to the rhythm of flutes and drums. It’s a great show, full of energy.
The main character is the Inca, who is chosen through a contest of skill and its appearance is stunning, in a litter carried by eight subjects, wearing a suit with the colors of Tahuantinsuyo, gold bracelets and an ornament of feathers on the head .
The contemporary ceremony repeated in every detail, the rite of the Inca times. And give us a spectacular view of how used to be and the meaning of this magnificent celebration.


Bring warm clothing, because in the month of June is very cold in Cusco.
If you want to witness the ceremony and rituals closely Inti Raymi, buy your box at the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman, well in advance.
Before getting on the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman sure to bring your photo camera
secure your belongings.

Cerenomy Shedules

9:00 Hrs Qorikancha: Home of the staging. Lasts 30 minutes.
11:00 Hrs. Auqaypata (Main Square): The lnka and his royal entourage, enter the street K’ijllu Inti. Duration 45 minutes.
13:30 Hrs. Central Ceremony. 90 minutes.

Services & Amenities

To attend the ceremony of Inti Raymi the Municipal-EMUFEC Celebrations Cusco, implement the necessary services: fiberglass seats, portable toilets, information center and tourist assistance, first aid and safety (Command System incidents), allowing you to enjoy the event with all the necessary guarantees.

How to assist the Inti Raymi

The sequences of the Inti Raymi, the Koricancha and the Plaza de Armas are freely available to the general public. Is recommended to go early to access adequate visual perspective. The income and location in the stands installed on the esplanade of Sacsayhuaman are through acquisition or pre-booked tickets and numbered according to the areas specified in the Schedule of Rates and location map.

Reservation procedure

To request the number of seats or spaces through the Inti Raymi Reserve System 2012, customers can choose their preferred seats on the website:
EMUFEC issue the respective payment vouchers (bills and invoices).

Photo: Cyntia Motta

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