* Jubilee Festival of Mollendo (06 January).

The day on which the kings down to visit the baby Jesus born, Mollendo celebrates the anniversary of creation. People participate in food fairs, concerts on the beach, and a serenade its honor.

* Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria (02 February).

This unique festival is celebrated in some part of Arequipa, such as the town of Cayma and Characato. The celebrations are beginning with a serenade and sale of typical local drinks. Then it is officiates a mass and procession through the main streets. On the eve burning castles and fireworks, selling typical ponchos, among other memories of the place.

* Carnival (February).

The carnivals are held in Arequipa with much clamor, At the beat of huaynos and troupes in groups consisting of several couples in costumes typical of the area.

* Bitterness Festival (March).

It is celebrated in the traditional district of Paucarpata is held before Easter, in honor of Jesus of Nazareth.

* Feast of our Lady of Chapi (May).

Time in which thousands of pilgrims from across the country and neighboring countries to the Shrine of the same name, located 50 km.

* Characato Day (June 24).

Celebretation which pays tribute to the men of the field, with drive and hope, till the soil to make it produce. That is why in this day reminds people of the countryside, in turn are made bullfights and festivals.

* Fiesta de la Virgen Del Carmen (14-17 July).

In Cabanaconde in Palpacolca, at which groups of dancers dance “Turks”, which represents the Indian struggle against Spanish rule.

* Week of Arequipa (August 15).

Major civic and religious celebrations, art events, music and dance with national and international folklore groups (Colosseum Arequipa). Allegorical procession, bullfights, cockfights.

* Fiesta de la Virgen de los Remedios (September).

Held in the town of Socabaya, and Aplao, with a great display of folklore celebrates the Virgin of the Rocks.

* Commemoration “Resistance Andina” (October).

It performs the “HUARAKU” (Andean Olympiad) and the Feast of the Lord of Miracles.

Camaná Anniversary (November).

The anniversary of Camana, food fairs are held, you will be able to taste best food of Arequipa, in addition school parade and raft races from the Bridge of Punta Colorada in Aplao.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December).

Folkloric celebration that takes place in the towns of Chivay Yanque, with groups of dancers and bands, which feature traditional dances as the “Wititi”.

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