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Intipunku (Sun Gate)


Intipunku is an important archaeological site, only those who take the hike to Machu Picchu have the possibility to pass through this unique gate, called "The Sun Gate", which is located on the edge of the Agricultural Sector.

When you get to Intipunku means that you get to the end. From there get to the city is easy, but it is not only for the road itself, is because all the travelers that start to descent are hypnotized by the sight of the big city rising beyond, and walk almost without realizing it. Certainly, the view is very beautiful, usually in the morning, when the Sun comes up. It is a rewarding experience for those who see this breathtaking scenery.
Everyone wants to see Machu Picchu in the first sunlight and there is no better place to see it then from the Inti Punku (the sun gate).

First you will see a lot of activity in the campsite; people with torches are breaking up their camp and fit their gear for the last time (after finish their Inca trail). And it is very early in the morning because everybody wants to be there when the sun hits Machu Picchu.

All the companies get in line to get through that small gate to start the last walk towards the sun gate. From here you can see the sunrise over Machu Picchu. But you do not need to rush, just walk and if there are faster walkers that want to pass you, let them. You definitely will be getting in time to see it; also there is place enough to see the sunrise.

But remember, Machu Picchu can be covered in the mist, like it was covered in the mist of time. And already before the sunrise it's already light, so don't expect that Machu Picchu lights up when the sun rises. You will not be alone at the sun gate to see this happening.
At the end this will become in an unforgettable experience that all people was waiting for and of course will really worth it.

Note: People cannot get to the "Sun Gate" unless you travel on the mentioned section of the Inca Trail. Due To it access is limited and you must book in advance for a hiking package or tour from an authorized travel agency or operator. You can book with us and give a look to the excellent Inca trail tours.




The Sun Gate


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