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It is a snowcapped mountain, located in the Cordillera Vilcabamba, in Cusco. In Quechua, Salkantay  means “Wild Mountain”. The Salkantay Trek pass through beautiful Andean landscapes, and have the chance to see condors and alpacas in their natural habitat. You can bathe in natural hot springs from the depths of the earth, see the Condor, birds, medicinal plants of the Inca era, various fruit trees and a variety of orchids, and also try the tastiest coffee in Peru, of the Convention.

In the area there are numerous high snowy peaks, as Tucarhuay which is over 5 910 meters above sea level, Veronica, 5 682 meters and Huacayhuilca, 5 361 meters among others. Geography is difficult and capricious around the outline of this mountain. The Salkantay is surrounded by deep valleys and ravines, which create an interesting and also tiring trek.

Usually, it first puts Apu that in Quechua means lord, this how the greatest mountains, which mean something sacred above the valleys, are named. This mountain, with the astral constellation of the Southern Cross, was used as reference for astrological observations developed by the Incas, from Machu Picchu, especially during June and December solstices. Its conquest dates from 1952 by the Swiss climber composed by Bronimann and Marx.


It rises to 6271 meters above sea level.


It is very sunny during the day but cold at night. The temperature drops below 0 ° C at night during the months of June through September. In season from December to March is rainy.

Best time to go to Salkantay

The best time to do this hike is during the months of April through October. It is not recommed going from December to March because of the rain, and it could be dangerous.

Getting to Salkantay

The bus from Cusco to Mollepata leaves early and goes through Limatambo. From the road you can see the Apurimac River and part of its cannon. Note that the area is cold and reaches an altitude of around 5000 meters above the sea level. Being in 2.803 meters above the sea level altitude, Mollepata allows gradual rise to the Salkantay. On the way we will observe herds of llamas. After going a little higher it is possible to have an impressive view of the Salkantay, one of the most beautiful snowcapped mountains in Cusco. From Mollepata it takes two days to go down to Huayllabamba and join the second day of the Inca Trail.


Salkantay Express
Inca Trail Salkantay
Salkantay Inca Trail to Machu Picchu


For travel

– Is very important that you bring your original passport to the respective controls.
– Bring: Backpack, hiking shoes, water bottle, flashlight, hat, insect repellent, personal clothing for the trip.
– Bring extra money for spending on the way and upon arrival to Aguas Calientes.
– Prepare a first aid kit
– Do not forget bathing suit and towel
– We recommend to get a travel insurance
– You can bring your sleeping bags but generally travel agency offers all the necessary equipment
– Bring warm clothing and also some light clothing, as you are going to pass through different climates.
– Do not forget you camera, also it is a good idea to bring a pair of batteries because there is no electricity.
– Always follow the guide’s indications, do not separate of your group
– If you are student, do not forget you passport and also you ISIC Card


– You should be in fit for this trek.
– It is not recommend for children or old people.
– Try to stay at least a couple of days in the city of Cusco, before the trek, for acclimatizing.
– Is recommend eating light, so you can go on with your trek with any problems
– Check up with your doctor before the trip also, take note that he is the only who can recommend you medicine.
– Drink plenty of water to be rehydrated
– If you feel sick do not hesitate in tell the guide, he will assist you
– Drink coca tea, that will be helpful in case of soroche (high sickness)

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