Peru is certainly a much cheaper place to visit than Europe or the US, but how much so will depend on where you are and when. As a general rule low-budget travellers should – with care – be able to get by on around $10-20 per person per day. If you intend staying in mid-range hotels, eating in reasonable restaurants and taking the odd taxi, $40 a day should be adequate, while $60 a day will allow you to stay in some comfort and sample some of Peru’s best cuisine.
In most places in Peru, a good meal can still be found for under $3, transport is very reasonable, a comfortable double room costs from $10-35 a night, and camping is usually free. Expect to pay a little more than usual in the larger towns and cities, and also in the jungle, as many supplies have to be imported by truck from other regions. In the villages and rural towns, on the other hand, things come cheaper – and by roughing it in the countryside, and buying food from local villages or the nearest market, you can live well on next to nothing.
In the more popular parts of Peru, costs vary considerably with the seasons. Cusco, for instance, has its best weather from June to August, when many of its hotel prices go up by around 25-50 percent. The same thing happens at fiesta times – although on such occasions you’re unlikely to resent it too much. As always, if you’re travelling alone you’ll end up spending considerably more than you would in a group of two or more people. It’s also worth taking along an international student card , if you have one, for the occasional reduction (up to 50 percent in some museums).

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