The use of the web site (here referred to as “the Web Site”) is subject to the terms and conditions stated below. The use of the Web Site constitutes an agreement by you, the user (here referred to as “the Client”), that your use is governed by these terms and conditions.
In addition, when using particular Peru for Less, LLC, services, you will be subject to any guidelines or rules applicable to such services that may be posted here. Please ensure that you review the terms and conditions regularly for any updates.


1.- Contract between the Client and Peru for Less
2.- Payment
3.- Changes by the Client
4.- Substitution of Client
5.- Cancellation by the Client
6.- Changes and Cancellations by Peru for Less
7.- Surcharges
8.- Passport, Visa and Vaccinations
9.- Age, Fitness and Participation
10.- Local Laws
11.- Illness or Disability
12.- Client Complaints
13.- Flight Bookings
14.- Our Responsibility


  1. In order to finalize a booking with Peru for Less, the Client must pay a deposit of 30% of the entire trip price (minimum US $200). All flight costs (domestic and international) must be paid in full at the time of booking in order to secure spaces on the requested flights. Cruise bookings and other special services such as some treks are subject to special deposit requirements in order to reserve these services. All deposits are non-refundable. Clients who make a booking by telephone, fax or email will be deemed to have read and agreed to these booking conditions.
  2. A booking is considered accepted and becomes definite on the date that Peru for Less receives the required deposit from the Client, and starting at this point, a binding contract between Peru for Less, LLC and the Client is established.
  3. The established contract between Peru for Less, LLC and the Client, also includes all persons who are named on the booking form and who will be participating in the booked trip. When signing the booking form, the Client confirms that he/she has full authority to sign the form on behalf of all travelers included on the booking form, and confirms that all persons are aware of and accept the stated conditions.


  1. Following payment of the initial deposit, the remaining balance of all trip costs must be paid to Peru for Less at least 45 days prior to departure (different payment policies and requirements may apply to cruises, some treks, or other special services). If full payment is not received at least 45 days prior to the trip start, Peru for Less will treat the booking as a cancellation and proceed to cancel any pending services.
  2. If the booking is made 45 days or less from the trip start date, the full cost of the trip is required at the time of booking in order to secure the requested services.
  3. If a booking is made 10 business days or less from the selected departure date, a US $50 late booking fee may be applied to the booking, this fee is per booking, not per person. In the case of a booking made 5 business days or less from the departure date, a US $100 fee may be applied to the booking.
  4. Payments to Peru for Less can be made through wire transfer, direct deposit, check or via WePay. Any additional fees for bank transfers (i.e. wiring or transfer costs) must be assumed by the Client.
  5. All trip costs are United States of America Dollar based, and any trip costs quoted in Euros or Sterling Pounds are referential and for Client convenience. The Client may choose to pay in Pounds or Euros, however, if the quoted price in Pounds or Euros is over 4% less than the quoted cost in USD based on the official exchange rate on that day that payment is made, the amount paid in Euros or Pounds will be recalculated based on the official exchange rate on the day of payment, and the Client will be required to pay the cost difference.
  6. Peru for Less prices do not include Peruvian sales taxes, and Clients who do not meet legal requirements for sales tax exemption will be required to assume any additional fees. In order to be considered exempt from Peruvian IGV (General Sales Tax), the foreign visitor (traveler) must prove that he or she meets the required international treaty standards by presenting a foreign passport, driver’s license or national identity card. It is important to note that foreign visitors who have stayed in Peru for 60 calendar days or more, are no longer considered exempt from IGV (General Sales Tax), and in these cases additional fees may apply for hotel costs and other services.


  1. If any changes to the original booking are required (such adding or removing scheduled services), these changes must be confirmed by the person signing the booking form. If a changes to the trip itinerary are required after the Client has received a confirmed Travel Program from Peru for Less, a US $35 change fee may be applied to the booking, as well as additional costs from individual providers for the new or modified services. Peru for Less will try to accommodate any changes or special requests, however, any change to the final itinerary will be subject to availability.


  1. If any member of the traveling group is unable to participate in the trip, it may be possible to transfer the scheduled services to another traveler. In order to transfer services to another traveler, Peru for Less must receive a written request from the Client, at least 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date. Costs for the transfer of services to another traveler will vary by provider, however, in addition to covering any change fees, an administrative fee of US $50 may be applied to the booking costs.


  1. The Client may cancel the booking at any time, and the cancellation will be confirmed once the cancellation request has been sent to Peru for Less in writing. The deposit amount paid to reserve the trip, as well as as payments for flights, cruises and Inca Trail treks are all non-refundable. For other services that are cancelled 45 days or less prior to the scheduled start date for the trip, the following cancellation fees apply:


Timeframe before departure when written cancellation request is received Cancellation penalty from the total amount of refundable services
45-22 days 40%
21-9 days 75%
8 days or less 100%

If only part of the booking is cancelled, the remaining traveler(s) may be required to pay additional charges as a result of changes in service costs (i.e. under-occupancy, or single room supplements). If a trip postponement is requested, a 10% surcharge of the entire trip cost may be charged as an administrative fee, and the Client is responsible for any additional costs related to services that are non-refundable and/or not able to be rescheduled. The remaining balance after deducting the non-refundable services and the 10% administrative can be applied toward future travel with Peru for Less.


  1. Peru for Less will do its best to avoid any unnecessary changes or cancellations to the confirmed itinerary, however, by agreeing to this contract the Client accepts that it may be necessary or strongly advisable to change or modify a tour itinerary or portions of the itinerary as a result of local conditions. Peru for Less reserves the right to cancel or modify the facilities, services or prices (including flights, hotels or other travel arrangements) if needed at any time and provide alternate arrangements of comparable monetary value without compensation to the Client.Peru for Less will do its best to inform of the Client of any necessary changes as soon as possible, whether the change becomes necessary at the time of booking, following the preparation of the final Travel Program, or at any point during the Client’s trip.If a major change is required, depending on the exact circumstances, the Client will be given the option of accepting the change of arrangements, purchasing an alternative tour option, or cancelling the tour and obtaining a full refund for the service that will be cancelled.
    The options for major changes to the confirmed itinerary will apply as long as the major changes are not required as a result of a force majeure. A force majeure can be war, the threat of war, riots, civil unrest, terrorist activities, a natural or nuclear disaster, fire or other extreme weather conditions, technical or other maintenance issues with transport, an airline canceling or rescheduling flights, or any other similar events beyond the control of Peru for Less.


  1. In the case of an increase in the price of any confirmed services, Peru for Less will assume all price increases of less than 4% of the total package price. If the price increases by 4% or more, the Client will be required to cover the cost difference between the original service cost and the revised service cost. If the booking is made less than 6 months in advance, the limit in cost increase is reduced to 2%.


  1. The Client is responsible for possessing a valid passport and all required visa permits at the time of travel, as well as making arrangements for all required vaccinations or any other travel requirements for each of the countries visited during the trip. Peru for Less will provide information about these requirements, but any recommendations about these matters and related subjects will be given in good faith and without any responsibility on the part of Peru for Less.


  1. All Clients should assess their physical fitness prior to booking a trip to ensure that they meet the requirements for the activities that they will complete during their trip. If additional information about fitness requirements for specific activities is required for an accurate evaluation, it is the responsibility of the Client to request this information from Peru for Less. Clients with existing medical conditions or other health problems should consult with their doctor about their ability to complete the scheduled activities prior to booking a trip. Peru for Less does not permit unaccompanied minors (travelers under 18 years of age) to participate in a trip. Any travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent, or a relative or another adult who will act as a guardian during the trip and who will be fully responsible for the minor. Peru for Less reserves the right to decline a booking at their discretion.
  2. The Client agrees to accept the authority and decisions of all Peru for Less staff, guides, and tour leaders during the trip. If it is determined that the behavior or health of the Client either before or during the trip may be an endangerment to themselves or to others or result in severe discomfort for other travelers, the Client may be excluded from all or part of the tour.


  1. All Clients participating in tours offered by Peru for Less are required to obey all applicable local laws and regulations in the countries that they visit during their trip. Failure to do so will immediately relieve Peru for Less from any obligations that would otherwise apply under these booking conditions.


  1. Any Client experiencing an illness, disability or undergoing treatment for a physical or medical condition that may affect their ability to participate in the scheduled activities or require special accommodation must provide information to Peru for Less about such conditions at the time of booking. The Client should also ensure that all arrangements are in place to have sufficient medication, access to treatment and cover any additional requirements during their trip. Failure on the part of the Client to disclose such information will result in a breach of the booking conditions and may result in the exclusion of such persons from some or all tours, in which case all payment for the cancelled tours would be forfeited.
  2. If the selected trip includes a cruise, water excursion or any type of transfer by boat, the Client must inform Peru for Less at the time of booking if he/she is unable to swim. This disclosure will not result in the cancellation of any service or prevent the Client from participating activities, but will permit Peru for Less to take additional precautions and inform the appropriate guides and providers.


  1. If the Client has a complaint about any of the trip activities or other arrangements, the Client must bring it to the attention of a Peru for Less staff member as soon as reasonably possible. It is important that any complaints or concerns about the trip itself be communicated to Peru for Less at the Client’s earliest convenience in order for the situation to be addressed, and if possible, remedied, as soon as possible. If the complaint is unresolved following the completion of the trip, the Client must submit the complaint in writing to Peru for Less within 28 days or less following the completion of the trip, in order for the feedback to be addressed.


  1. Peru for Less will do its best to ensure that all flight costs are accurate at the time that the flight quote is sent to the Client. However, as airlines have the right to modify fares or remove flight options at any time and without prior notice, Peru for Less can not guarantee an exact flight cost until the flight has been purchased. Payment for the cost of quoted airfare guarantees that a booking on that flight will be held for the Client, and the final cost of the flight cannot be ensured until the full payment has been processed and the flight ticket has been issued. Additional fees may apply to transfer flight bookings to another traveler and some fares may include non-transferable restrictions.
  2. Flight times provided by Peru for Less prior to booking the trip are for general reference and are subject to change. The confirmed Travel Program will include confirmed flight times, as of the date of purchase of the flights, however, the exact flight times may change prior to the Client’s trip. Peru for Less and its providers will work to ensure that the Client is informed as soon as possible in the event of any changes to the flight details.
  3. Peru for Less will not be held responsible for any flight delay or cancellation caused by extreme weather conditions, decisions by air traffic controllers, airport authorities or local governments, mechanical problems, strikes, or any other reason.


  1. Peru for Less cannot ensure the accuracy of any published material on the part of a hotel, resort or other provider that the client is provided with as an additional resource during their trip.
  2. Peru for Less assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the trip that that Client books is provided as described in the final version of the Travel Program that the Client will receive at the start of their trip and for ensuring the all services meet a reasonable standard of quality.
  3. Peru for Less acts in the capacity of an agent with regards to legal conditions and when every reasonable precaution is applied, cannot be held responsible for any injury, illness, damage, loss, additional expenses, delays, or any other irregularity that may be caused by companies or individuals who provide transportation, accommodation, or any other services related to the completion of the trip.

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