A Legend about the origin of Macchu Picchu tells us that to beat the Chankas, Prince Kusi Yupanqui is assisted by the god Inti ( the Sun ) who made the stones surounding the village of Cusco, men to fight in favor of Prince Cusco. Kusi Yupanqui Chankas due to be crowned as the new Inca, beginning the conquest of neighboring kingdoms to Cusco. His ambition angered the god Inti, announcing through Willac Umu ( High Priest ) who would move away from the skies, punishing the Incas with total darkness.

Kusi Yupanqui, repented of his actions apologizes, but the god Inti not believe in the repentance of the Inca, so distressed, Kusi Yupanqui turns to the wife and sister of the god Inti, the goddess Quilla ( The Moon). She , touched by the change in attitude of the Inca advised the following: That prepare a sweet and sour drink with the fermentation of corn and invited to eat at Inti in a place she would show him at the top of the mountains that separate Andes to the jungle. The Inca did everything they told Keel goddess and was the place for  the meeting. Kusi Yupanqui waited and waited but did not appear the god Inti.

Suddenly comes to him a poor old man, tired and unsheltered could barely standing.Kusi Yupanqui goes to the elderly and covers it with his royal robe and asks to sit next to him.The poor old man, grateful for the shelter only makes you question there: I hope to Inti, the Inca responded, but apparently he did not come. The old man asks for patience as the god Inti always keeps his promises, to which the Inca state pitied the old man gives food and drink he had made to the god Inti, while the Inca told him the reason for invitation to the god Inti. When both ended the Inca offers to take the valley when the see the old man becomes a man strong and richly dressed. He was the god Inti.

Now I realize that compassion and humility have returned to you. I promise to never leave this place and build a temple for women chosen in honor of the goddess keel, who interceded for you, and in the exact place where you and I ate, builds an altar to serve as a symbol of my promise.

Therefore, this mountain is named ” Machu Picchu” which means ” Old Mountain”, within the town is the ” Inti Huatana” which means ” Place where the sun is tied”.

Machu Picchu

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