Machu Picchu, land of the Orchids


Many species are living for centuries in the Sanctuary, but only one is the queen of all plants and living creatures, with over 300 species and many colors, this plant is such a beautiful thing to observed and smell, that’s why Machu Picchu, The Land of the Orchids, must live forever.

Many things are said about these beautiful flowers, but no one has mentioned the genetic importance of the Orchids. One of the first who saw the great potential of the flowers was Garcilaso de la Vega .The Inca, who said that this flower should be used as a military ribbon by his troops, they call it Wiñay Wayna (Always young), in fact, Julio C. Tello, one of the most important Archaeologist of the country, found this species near to the Huayna Picchu Mountain, and decide to name this site as Wiñay Wayna.

Benjamin Collantes and Marco León started a research in the Machu Picchu area to find out more Orchids species, counting over 250 species, among these are the called ¨You will cry¨ (Llorarás) due to the beauty of the flower, another is The little princess shoe ( El zapatito de la princesa), and many others.

Genetic Importance

The Orchid is the plant more evolved in the vegetal kingdom, carrying on them the DNA of many other plants and that is the reason to its adaptability. Also its growth is compared with the Human Beings and Dolphins.

In the evolution, the Orchids develop between 20 and 30 thousand different species of the plants, being Malaysia and South America the places that are privileged with these beautiful plants.

The size of the Orchids reveals their extraordinary adaptation to the environment, reaching to the minimum size (1cm / 0.4” ) to a big and huge size (7mts /22 ft). Since that, the size and shape of the flowers are so varied that many botanist couldn’t tell if some Orchids are really Orchids, with its strange and weird but colorful and beautiful shapes.

The Orchids and the feminine Archetypes

Many of our most important virtues and emotions are reflected on many of the Orchids, some of them show our feelings, our creativity and our own way to see the world.

Coming up next we got many types of Orchids that show how some of them work:

Ancient Wisdom (Lycaste Longipetala)
Used for the interpretation of our dreams, also increases the knowledge that many ancient civilizations had created throughout the centuries. Allows us to open our memories and repressed memories, and it is used as analgesic in case of a headache.


Divine Goddess (Masdevallia Veitchianna)

This plant is good for women who are pregnant and start labor, and it also is good to calm the pains for the menstrual cramps and the menopause. It also is useful for men, who are not connected with their feminine side.


Eternal Youth (Epidendrum Ibaguense)

It is good to renew the dead cells of our skin, it is good to be in touch with our inner child, and having a great time with our friends. This plant is the called Wiñay Wayna, the name also of an ancient construction near the Machu Picchu Sanctuary


One Heart (Epidendrum Cucoense)

Develops our masculine and feminine side, like its name says, one heart that gathers all of our emotions and feelings. This plant is used on the new relationships that just began, and to the unconditional love that many people feel for each other.

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